Elmfield School

Elmfield School for Deaf Children

New Soundfields at Secondary

A BIG thank you to The Bristol Trust for the Deaf for funding two new Soundfield systems for our Secondary site!

A Soundfield is an audio system which complements our FM Radio Aid equipment in helping to ensure that our students get a consistent and clear signal from the teacher’s voice, wherever in the room the teacher is standing and whatever sounds are going on in the background.

Those students who are using FM can plug their transmitters into the Soundfield and get their usual high quality signal sent to their receivers or processors.

However the advantage of the Soundfield is that it ensures that students who do not use an FM system, or whose system is temporarily not working, or who are receiving R/T signals in only one ear, can all get an additional volume boost to the teacher’s voice and improved signal to noise ratio, via a high powered speaker.

Imagine, if you can, a railway station tanoy system which actually worked and gave you a clear signal all across the station – well, that would be a Soundfield!