Elmfield School

Elmfield School for Deaf Children

Extended Schools

Elmfield School is part of two extended schools partnerships.  These partnerships have been formed around the Secondary Schools which are in the centre of each locality.

Elmfield Primary School is part of the North Bristol ESP with Henbury School and Elmfield Secondary School is part of the East Central ESP with Fairfield School.

The partnerships support smaller schools in accessing wider services and funding opportunities and also help schools to work together on the same project.

The partnerships also support extra-curricular and holiday activities.

Elmfield is currently working with these partnerships on a number of issues including:

  • Becoming a Rights Respecting School - This is all about building the rights of the child into the curriculum, assemblies and the whole way that the school runs.
  • Better ways of accessing Social Care - How to get support quickly to families or children in need of help.
  • Developing a partnership with the Arnolfini - this project has already enabled children to take part in an Arts linked work experience project.