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Remembrance Day

A remembrance assembly, poppy art and two minutes of silence; Elmfield Primary children paid their respects as a part of Armistice Day.

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Badminton Estate Outdoor Learning Day KS2 visit (28 images)

Badminton Estate welcomed our Key Stage 2 classes for their Countryside Learning Day. We explored the beautiful grounds owed by the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort with our wonderful guide Alice. We saw how a working estate operates, explored the beautiful gardens and met some of the estate's friendly animals.

Created: 6 Jun 18 08:28 | Last modified: 6 Jun 18 08:30

UWE KS2 Sports Event (20 images)

Deer, Fox and Big Badger classes have had a sporty day with other Bristol schools today. We got to experience rugby, football, boccia, kurling, basketball and volleyball skills and have had a brilliant time together.

Created: 4 May 18 15:38 | Last modified: 4 May 18 15:40

African visitor for Fox and Badger Class (5 images)

Fox and Big Badger Class had a special visitor today. In response to our literacy book ? The Water Princess ? the class had prepared questions for Mr. Ariho. He grew up in Uganda. He answered their questions about growing up and having to collect water from the River Nile. He shared about the importance of clean water in Africa. We even got to try for ourselves ? but we couldn?t take our hands off like Mr Ariho! We learned that there are actually lots of similarities between life in Africa and life in England.

Created: 17 Apr 18 17:02 | Last modified: 17 Apr 18 17:05

Forest School with Rabbit and Badger Class (21 images)

Rabbit and Badger classes have been very busy in Forest School these last 2 weeks. We have planted trees, played forest games, had a swallow flying race and had a camp fire with toasted marshmallows!

Created: 23 Mar 18 15:47 | Last modified: 23 Mar 18 15:55

Swimming at E1 (7 images)

We just love our weekly swimming sessions at E1. All the children have made progress in their swimming, stroke skills and water confidence.

Created: 21 Feb 18 14:45 | Last modified: 21 Feb 18 14:46

Professional photos from the Tobacco Factory! (57 images)

Have a look at the professional photos taken of Elmfield Secondary pupils at the Shakespeare Schools Festival!

Created: 13 Dec 17 11:55 | Last modified: 13 Dec 17 11:58

Shakespeare Schools Festival (11 images)

With thanks to the Bristol Rotary Club, Elmfield Secondary children took part in the fantastic Shakespeare Schools Festive at the Tobacco Factory. Their performance of Romeo and Juliet was brilliant.

Created: 7 Dec 17 10:29 | Last modified: 7 Dec 17 15:01

Green Fingered Rabbits (0 images)

Rabbit class have been making our play area more colourful. We have planted some autumn flowers and bulbs ready for spring flowers.

Created: 9 Oct 17 16:49 | Last modified: 9 Oct 17 16:49

?429 raised for St. Peter's Hospice! (0 images)

Thanks again for the Elmfield support. The amount raised for St Peter's Hospice was ?429.00. We are pleased to have been able to support this charity again. Congratulations Anita and Jennie!

Created: 29 Sep 17 14:41 | Last modified: 29 Sep 17 14:41

?429 raised for St. Peter's Hospice! (0 images)

Thanks again for the Elmfield support. The amount raised for St Peter's Hospice was ?429.00. We are pleased to have been able to support this charity again. Congratulations Anita and Jennie!

Created: 28 Sep 17 08:50 | Last modified: 28 Sep 17 08:50

?Open the Book? assembly (0 images)

Thank you to St Stephen?s Church for doing an ?Open the Book? assembly about David and Goliath. We really appreciate the kind donation to our school from the St Stephen?s community.

Created: 21 Sep 17 15:33 | Last modified: 21 Sep 17 15:33

E2's cactus competition! (5 images)

Secondary students have embarked on a new challenge this morning. They are now responsible for the care of their very own cacti! We will see which succulent lasts the longest!

Created: 14 Sep 17 10:25 | Last modified: 14 Sep 17 10:27

KS2 Camp 2017 (40 images)

Last week, our KS2 children had their overnight camp. Elmfield definitely has courageous children! They participated in a range of outdoor activities and slept in tents. We had an awesome time and a big thank you to all the staff that supported us to make this stay a success.

Created: 17 Jul 17 22:20 | Last modified: 18 Jul 17 08:26

Forest School (0 images)

Created: 17 Jul 17 15:03 | Last modified: 17 Jul 17 15:03

Year 8 and 9 Enrichment (12 images)

This term Yr 8 & 9's enrichment topic has been photography. Congratulations to Amie for winning the flower photograph competition! Her prize was the winning print, edited and framed. We also celebrated Mr Pocock's birthday with cake galore

Created: 11 Jul 17 13:07 | Last modified: 11 Jul 17 13:14

Sports and Poetry Day at E1 (0 images)

We had a glorious day of sports, games and poetry at primary.

Created: 6 Jul 17 15:18 | Last modified: 6 Jul 17 15:18

Goodbye, butterflies! (0 images)

The Little Hippo group of E1 waved the butterflies off on their travels!

Created: 4 Jul 17 14:09 | Last modified: 4 Jul 17 14:09

Day out for ducklings! (8 images)

E1 children enjoyed watching Butter and Bear splash around this morning.

Created: 30 Jun 17 11:51 | Last modified: 30 Jun 17 11:54

A new edition to E2! (13 images)

As part of their enrichment program, Years 8 & 9 have spent the second half of the year working with photographer and interior designer Chris Pocock on a photography project. Today we unveiled their final project, they created a roll of wallpaper using their photographs which represents us at Elmfield School. Well done to all of the children and a big thank you to Chris!

Created: 21 Jun 17 15:45 | Last modified: 21 Jun 17 15:46

Adder Class to Badminton Estate for countryside learning (22 images)

Yesterday, Adder class went to the Badminton Estate for a day of countryside learning and activities. Thanks to the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort for opening up their home to hundreds of school children over two different days. We really enjoyed meeting all of the working animals of the estate!

Created: 8 Jun 17 10:40 | Last modified: 8 Jun 17 12:24

Apple crumble! (14 images)

Elmfield Primary decided to make the most of a fruit box full of apples and some sunny weather! Crocodile Class spent the morning chopping, mixing and baking, and we all enjoyed an apple crumble and ice-cream treat in the sunshine.

Created: 26 May 17 14:23 | Last modified: 26 May 17 14:37

Forest School on Tour (25 images)

This morning Early Years and Primary went to the Forest Centre at Tortworth Arboretum. We fed some very hungry goats, went for a forest walk and discovered some very tall redwoods and finally toasted some marshmallows on the fire.

Created: 26 May 17 14:15 | Last modified: 26 May 17 14:18

Apple crumble at E1! (14 images)

Elmfield Primary decided to make the most of a fruit box full of apples and some sunny weather! The Early Years spent the morning chopping, mixing and baking, and we all enjoyed the treat in the sunshine.

Created: 25 May 17 15:32 | Last modified: 25 May 17 15:33

Apple crumble at E2! (0 images)

Elmfield Primary decided to make the most of a fruit box full of apples and some sunny weather! The Early Years spent the morning chopping, mixing and baking, and we all enjoyed the treat in the sunshine.

Created: 25 May 17 15:31 | Last modified: 25 May 17 15:31

Deaf Awareness Week at E1 (14 images)

Yesterday, some of the children from Hyena and Adder classes went to The Mall to teach some busy shoppers how to fingerspell their names. This is part of our learning activities linked to Deaf Awareness Week (15-21 May 2017). They were all such patient teachers and we appreciate everyone who took the time to learn something new. We even received an unexpected on-the-spot donation from two very kind-hearted members of the public ? thanks Norman and Marilyn from Wales!

Created: 18 May 17 08:06 | Last modified: 18 May 17 08:07

Green Fingered Crocodiles Busy at Work. (17 images)

The children in Crocodile Class have been busy planting beans, strawberries and tomatoes in our playground tubs. We are looking forward to tasting the produce in the coming weeks.

Created: 9 May 17 17:12 | Last modified: 9 May 17 17:15

Swimming success at E1 (7 images)

This academic year, all the children at E1 have improved their water skills, confidence and stamina in the water. They are all coming home with certificates tonight. Great job!

Created: 6 Apr 17 13:38 | Last modified: 6 Apr 17 13:39

Mental Health Workshop (10 images)

The E2 children took part in a Mental Health workshop. They looked at ways to keep our mental health well and what to do when things are not going so well.

Created: 4 Apr 17 14:28 | Last modified: 4 Apr 17 14:37

BSL Classes of Parents/Carers (4 images)

Parent/carers signing classes have started again at Elmfield Primary site on Thursdays at 2 o'clock. All friends and family are very welcome.

Created: 23 Mar 17 15:47 | Last modified: 23 Mar 17 15:52

BDA Taste Your Future Day (8 images)

The E2 children enjoyed a day at the BDA Taste Your Future day. They were able to meet with a wide range of deaf professionals and ask them about their own future career choices.

Created: 21 Mar 17 10:48 | Last modified: 21 Mar 17 10:50

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf visit E2 (8 images)

Graham and Helen from Hearing Dogs for the Deaf came in to visit the children at E2 and brought Gus, the dog, with them! The children learnt about what a hearing dog can do and how it can help a deaf person.

Created: 21 Mar 17 10:42 | Last modified: 21 Mar 17 10:43

Arctic Experience (5 images)

Mrs. Seaton's Mother-in-Law came into talk to the E2 children about her experiences volunteering in the arctic.

Created: 20 Mar 17 12:03 | Last modified: 20 Mar 17 12:04

Michelin Star Cooking in the Forest Today. (30 images)

Crocodile Class had a great morning in the forest mixing mud pies and cooking bread and marshmallows on a fire.

Created: 17 Mar 17 14:40 | Last modified: 17 Mar 17 15:00

M Shed Behind the Scenes Tour (7 images)

Today the Y7 and Y8 children enjoyed a behind the scenes tour in BSL at the M Shed. We learnt about many of the artefacts that are kept in storage there and also why it is called M Shed.

Created: 10 Mar 17 15:41 | Last modified: 10 Mar 17 15:44

Forest School - Bird Feeders (29 images)

In Forest School this morning Crocodile class made different types of treats to feed the birds in our school grounds.

Created: 10 Mar 17 14:25 | Last modified: 10 Mar 17 14:38

Tea Party (3 images)

Terricka, Najaad and Haroun all attended a tea party with Mrs Day this morning. They discussed what they thought about school life and decided which their favourite biscuits were.

Created: 7 Mar 17 12:22 | Last modified: 7 Mar 17 12:27

Waterstones visit (3 images)

Created: 1 Mar 17 16:30 | Last modified: 1 Mar 17 16:33

World Book Week 2017 (8 images)

Created: 1 Mar 17 16:04 | Last modified: 1 Mar 17 16:28

Crocodile Class Forest School (24 images)

Crocodile Class loved Forest School today. We explored the woods in the school grounds and learnt how to make a fire safely. We then cooked marsh mallows and popcorn on the fire - they tasted delicious!

Created: 24 Feb 17 14:13 | Last modified: 24 Feb 17 14:19

FX workshop (17 images)

The children at Secondary enjoyed a workshop learning about VFX. They learnt about how different scenes were made in many famous movies and routes into the film industry.

Created: 10 Feb 17 10:50 | Last modified: 12 Feb 17 22:09

Hungry Hyenas & Little Hippos (18 images)

The Hyenas were hungry this morning! We enjoyed learning about foods that grow in Guatemala as we found out about the foods Maya people might have eaten in ancient times. This afternoon the Little Hippos were hungry as they enjoyed discovering some different fruits. We touched, smelled and tasted the fruits from Handa?s basket in Handa?s Surprise.

Created: 3 Feb 17 17:37 | Last modified: 3 Feb 17 17:39

Chinese New Year (36 images)

The children in Crocodile Class have been learning about Chinese New Year this week. The children particularly enjoyed trying to use chopsticks.

Created: 27 Jan 17 13:32 | Last modified: 27 Jan 17 13:40

Adder Class Becoming Better Learners (CLS) (7 images)

This week, Adder class designed and wrote postcards in their literacy learning. The children then asked "How do stamps work?" So we addressed a letter to our own homes, put a stamp in the corner and walked to the nearest postbox. We will wait to see what happens!

Created: 26 Jan 17 15:52 | Last modified: 26 Jan 17 15:53

Burns Night celebrations at Primary! (11 images)

In honour of our Scottish Hamish, the nursery celebrated Burns Night with a day full of activities. We painted Scottish flags, designed our own tartan, practised our Highland dancing and enjoyed biscuits from Hamish's family!

Created: 26 Jan 17 15:18 | Last modified: 12 Feb 17 22:10

Post an Egg Competition! (17 images)

Hens for Hire have told us they will send Elmfield Primary some eggs to enjoy! In assembly, Mrs. Spencer posted an egg through the post box and it broke, so we decided to get into teams and see who could design the strongest pack. Some teams were more successful than others! Following this activity, the School Council composed a letter to send to Hens for Hire, with suggestions on how to send the eggs safely.

Created: 20 Jan 17 12:54 | Last modified: 20 Jan 17 12:55

We're Going on a Bear Hunt! (15 images)

Our book of the term is 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', and the nursery enjoy creating a dance routine to tell the story!

Created: 16 Jan 17 15:06 | Last modified: 16 Jan 17 15:07

Merry Christmas from Elmfield Primary! (1 images)

See you in 2017!

Created: 16 Dec 16 15:14 | Last modified: 16 Dec 16 15:15

Christmas festivities at Primary! (55 images)

The last week of term at Primary has been full of festive, Christmas activites! Thank you to all who came to watch the Christmas play on Tuesday, and we hope the children enjoyed the Christmas party on Thursday!

Created: 16 Dec 16 11:10 | Last modified: 12 Feb 17 22:11

Santa's Grotto at Primary (24 images)

Santa (and his elves!) came to visit the children at Primary today. Thanks so much for our wonderful presents.

Created: 14 Dec 16 15:07 | Last modified: 12 Feb 17 22:12

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! (12 images)

Thanks to Kez for bringing in some magical snow for the Primary children to enjoy!

Created: 9 Dec 16 10:07 | Last modified: 9 Dec 16 10:07

Numicon Training for Parents (9 images)

Many thanks to the parents who came to our Numicon maths training today. We really appreciated your enthusiasm, your creativity and the chocolate brownies!

Created: 8 Dec 16 12:12 | Last modified: 8 Dec 16 12:14

Zimbabwean Day for Crocodile Class (37 images)

Shalom, a student from South Gloucestershire and Stroud College has been working in Crocodile Class this week. Shalom was born in Zimbabwe and today we have been celebrating her Zimbabwean culture. We looked at photos and artefacts from the country and Shalom showed us how to make sadza, a staple food in Zimbabwe. For ?Music Fridays? we listened to some traditional Shona mbira music and shared some sadza with the rest of the Elmfield community.

Created: 2 Dec 16 14:02 | Last modified: 2 Dec 16 14:12

St. Stephen's Church - Nativity (30 images)

Many thanks to St Stephen's Church Southmead for hosting a wonderful afternoon for Elmfield children. The children were captivated by the interactive Nativity.

Created: 1 Dec 16 15:40 | Last modified: 1 Dec 16 15:42

Shadow puppets in Little Hippo group! (7 images)

Today in our Little Hippo group at E1, we enjoyed watching the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, followed by a shadow puppet activity to re-tell the story!

Created: 25 Nov 16 15:22 | Last modified: 25 Nov 16 15:23

Road Safety Week (25 images)

As part of Road Safety Week the children in Crocodile class have been learning how to cross the road safely.

Created: 24 Nov 16 16:10 | Last modified: 24 Nov 16 16:12

Children in Need at E1 (30 images)

Primary children had a lovely day doing Children in Need activities. Thanks to all our parents and carers who donated money for the children to dress up and for the cake sale.

Created: 18 Nov 16 15:53 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 15:54

David Melling Centre for Deaf visit (5 images)

Today the children at E2 welcomed David Melling, the director of the new Centre for Deaf in Bristol. David spoke about the services for CfD offer and the children fed back about services they would like.

Created: 18 Nov 16 10:41 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 10:41

Nursery bake cakes for Children in Need! (13 images)

The nursery children enjoyed a baking session this morning. We baked cakes which will soon be ready to decorate, and we look forward to selling them in order to raise money for Children in Need!

Created: 17 Nov 16 12:50 | Last modified: 17 Nov 16 12:51

Adder @ Cardiff Castle (24 images)

Yesterday, Adder Class visited Cardiff Castle for a day of historical fun and adventure. We climbed the stairs to the castle keep, had a tour of the beautiful house and met Mark the Knight. We learnt about some of the different people that have lived in the castle over the last 1600 years. We dressed as archers, spearmen and knights and practised some battle drills. A fun day for everyone involved.

Created: 16 Nov 16 07:47 | Last modified: 16 Nov 16 07:49

Y7 Science - electrical circuits (5 images)

Today the Y7 children have been learning about electrical circuits. The children were trying hard to not complete the circuit so that the bulb would not light up.

Created: 11 Nov 16 15:41 | Last modified: 11 Nov 16 15:42

Firefighters at Elmfield School! (21 images)

On Thursday, we had a Safety Day at Primary where we learnt to identify some fire and electrical risks. In the afternoon, three real firefighters (Siobhan, Kevin and Wayne) taught us all about fire safety, and how we must call 999 in an emergency. Siobhan impressed us with her BSL skills! We also had a story about the dangers of playing with matches and we learnt how to ?Stop! Drop & Roll? if our clothes were to catch fire. The best part was going outside to see a real fire engine - we even had a go with the hose! Thank you Southmead Firefighters for a wonderful learning experience!!

Created: 11 Nov 16 14:27 | Last modified: 11 Nov 16 14:30

Remembrance Day (21 images)

A remembrance assembly, poppy art and two minutes of silence; Elmfield Primary children paid their respects as a part of Armistice Day.

Created: 11 Nov 16 11:50 | Last modified: 11 Nov 16 11:55

Bristol Deaf Worlds Festival (2 images)

On Thursday 3rd November, Elmfield School took part in the Bristol Deaf Worlds Festival at the Vassall Centre in Bristol. This event was in order to celebrate over 175 years of Deaf and hard of hearing people in Bristol. Elmfield children performed signed songs, as well as a demonstration of what it would have been like to be a Deaf child in a Victorian classroom!

Created: 4 Nov 16 14:23 | Last modified: 4 Nov 16 14:24

Y8/9 Animal Care (14 images)

As part of their enrichment activities the year 8 and 9 children asked to learn about animal care. Today they had the first of six sessions, in which they were learning about training and looking after dogs.

Created: 1 Nov 16 15:00 | Last modified: 1 Nov 16 15:01

The 3 Little Pigs (1 images)

Attention all nursery parents! The children are bringing home a 'Three Little Pigs' pack - complete with characters, colouring sheets and a QR coded story for you to enjoy at home. If you are unable to use the QR code, you will also find the YouTube URL inside the pack.

Created: 22 Oct 16 08:30 | Last modified: 22 Oct 16 08:31

Adder Class @ Start a Heart (11 images)

Yesterday, Adder class went to a Start a Heart session at Southmead Hospital. We learnt about resuscitation and how to spot the signs of someone who needs urgent help. They put each other in the recovery position, practised their resuscitation technique on light-up mannequins and had a go at helping someone that was choking.

Created: 19 Oct 16 08:21 | Last modified: 19 Oct 16 08:22

Deaf Poetry @ E1 (43 images)

What a poetic treat at E1 today! Our Year 7s also joined us, along with David Ellington, Ian McMillan and Richard Barnard. David ran a workshop on musicality in BSL poetry about what the children saw on their way to school this morning. Ian McMillan and Richard Barnard lead an Early Stroll Song workshop where the children created a brand new 'Early Stroll Song'. They helped us write the words, set it to music and sign & sign it altogether at the end of the session.

Created: 11 Oct 16 16:04 | Last modified: 11 Oct 16 16:07

Adder Class Materials Experiment (6 images)

In our science lesson today, Adder Class have been experimenting with different materials. We have been investigating which material is best for an umbrella and why. We all agreed that the teddies were the driest with a plastic umbrella. Excellent experimenting!

Created: 10 Oct 16 11:51 | Last modified: 10 Oct 16 11:53

Sports Premium (20 images)

A look at what we have been spending our sports premium funding on.

Created: 7 Oct 16 14:01 | Last modified: 7 Oct 16 15:40

Y7 Science - acids and alkalis (11 images)

The Y7 children have been learning about acids and alkalis. Today they tested different substances to find out if they were acidic, alkali or neutral.

Created: 6 Oct 16 15:37 | Last modified: 6 Oct 16 15:38

Forest School - Wood Week (27 images)

Crocodile Class have loved working with wood this week in Forest School. We learnt how to use a large tree saw safely to cut large branches into pieces we could add to our Forest Den. We then used vegetable peelers to whittle wood and create our own woodland wands.

Created: 30 Sep 16 14:55 | Last modified: 30 Sep 16 14:58

Forest School (59 images)

Crocodile Class have had a lovely couple of weeks developing their Forest School skills. Last week we made miniature homes for some little cone creatures we found living in the woods and this week we made a child size den. We have also been hunting for creatures under stones and collecting bugs by shaking tree branches over a bowl. We discovered some trees that we felt needed a repaint job, created mud mixtures, and made some woodland creatures out of plastercine and some materials we found. Finally we learnt how to climb trees safely ? we discovered it is easier to climb up the trees than to climb down them!

Created: 23 Sep 16 16:45 | Last modified: 23 Sep 16 16:51

Yoga at E1 (3 images)

Yoga is in its second week at E1. The children have been learning some body positions, experiencing sensory mindfulness and are returning to their classes for a relaxed afternoon of learning.

Created: 13 Sep 16 16:03 | Last modified: 13 Sep 16 16:04

Forest School (33 images)

Crocodile Class Hairdressing Salon was closed for the morning so the children could attend Forest School. They loved making nature pictures, concocting weird mixtures and climbing trees.

Created: 9 Sep 16 14:46 | Last modified: 9 Sep 16 14:49

Crocodile Class Hairdressing Salon (13 images)

Crocodile Class has set up their own hairdressing salon. Feel free to ring or text for an appointment ? however we accept no responsibility for the end results.

Created: 8 Sep 16 16:59 | Last modified: 8 Sep 16 17:01

End of Year Assembly (14 images)

We celebrated our end of year assembly with parents and friends and said goodbye to our Y11 and Y6 children.

Created: 21 Jul 16 10:06 | Last modified: 21 Jul 16 10:10

Slimbridge 2016 (13 images)

Today the children at E1 enjoyed a trip to Slimbridge. We did some pond dipping, watched the otters and being fed and enjoyed looking at all the birds.

Created: 19 Jul 16 15:20 | Last modified: 19 Jul 16 15:22

Chicks (27 images)

Shaun the Sheep class has said a sad farewell today to our chicks, Romeo, Smokey, Stripes and Old Father Time. In the three weeks we have been looking after them we have loved watching them grow from very cute little chicks to rather larger less cute mini ? dinosaurs.

Created: 18 Jul 16 17:35 | Last modified: 18 Jul 16 17:39

Sports Day and Art Gallery (53 images)

Yesterday, we had a fantastic day at Elmfield Primary. Thank you to parents, carers and members of the PSFA for joining us for Sports Day, and the School Council for organising the wonderful art gallery.

Created: 15 Jul 16 15:33 | Last modified: 15 Jul 16 17:02

Celebrating Eid (15 images)

This week we have been joining in with Eid celebrations.

Created: 8 Jul 16 16:05 | Last modified: 8 Jul 16 16:08

Romeo and Juliet performance with Taking Flight Theatre Co (37 images)

Primary and Secondary were delighted to experience a promenade performance of Romeo and Juliet at Blaise Castle yesterday. We had a picnic lunch together and a short playtime before the show began. The children also enjoyed chatting to the 2 deaf performers before we came back to school. Taking Flight Theatre is a professional inclusive theatre company based in Cardiff. Their work challenges perceptions of disability and the show has integrated audio description and BSL interpretion.

Created: 8 Jul 16 13:36 | Last modified: 8 Jul 16 13:45

Butterflies (29 images)

Shaun the Sheep class have loved watching the caterpillars change into butterflies. Today all the primary children gathered to watch them be released.

Created: 1 Jul 16 16:45 | Last modified: 1 Jul 16 16:52

Greek food with Hippo group (6 images)

Linking to our Ancient Greek theme this term, Hippo group made some tzatziki with toasted pitta bread, followed by some honey cake! Some children weren't keen on the taste of tzatziki - can you guess which ones?!

Created: 1 Jul 16 15:19 | Last modified: 1 Jul 16 15:20

Sleepover at camp + day two! (31 images)

Gromit and Morph children enjoyed a sleepover at camp and a second day full of activities.

Created: 1 Jul 16 07:59 | Last modified: 1 Jul 16 08:06

Camp - day one! (15 images)

E1 enjoyed the first day of camp at Woodhouse Park in Almondsbury!

Created: 28 Jun 16 15:35 | Last modified: 28 Jun 16 15:37

Track day! (17 images)

Wallace, Morph and Gromit classes had a fun morning at the SGS College - Filton and WISE athletics track! Thank you to our coaches - Rich and Andrea - for teaching us how to long jump, triple jump and throw!

Created: 27 Jun 16 15:13 | Last modified: 27 Jun 16 15:14

Chicks (9 images)

Shaun the Sheep class have been enjoying getting to know the Pekin chicks we are looking after for a couple of weeks.

Created: 24 Jun 16 15:46 | Last modified: 24 Jun 16 16:15

Forest Schools (7 images)

Gromit class enjoyed their weekly trip to Badock's Wood School to take part in forest schools!

Created: 24 Jun 16 15:09 | Last modified: 24 Jun 16 15:11

JoJo and Billie's Tour de France (13 images)

The children of Elmfield Primary and Secondary, Badock's Wood School and Ashton Gate School enjoyed a fantastic day of drama workshops and performances. JoJo and Billie's Tour de France was brilliant!

Created: 23 Jun 16 15:16 | Last modified: 23 Jun 16 15:17

BSL Eisteddfod (19 images)

Well done to all children who took part in Primary's BSL Eisteddfod today!

Created: 22 Jun 16 13:51 | Last modified: 22 Jun 16 13:53

Antonio Giacometti (16 images)

Today the children at E1 started the first of a series of art lessons based on our Olympics theme. They made some figures in the style of Antonio Giacometti using pipe cleaners, silver foil and clay.

Created: 21 Jun 16 15:12 | Last modified: 21 Jun 16 15:16

Jack and the Beanstalk (12 images)

In Shaun the Sheep class we have been growing runner beans this term. We read the story of Jack and The Beanstalk and found a hen that laid golden eggs at the top of it. We are still looking for the bag of gold.

Created: 17 Jun 16 12:11 | Last modified: 17 Jun 16 12:12

Forest Schools (9 images)

Gromit class started their new weekly trip to Badock's Wood School to take part in Forest Schools!

Created: 17 Jun 16 11:53 | Last modified: 17 Jun 16 11:55

Deaflympics (26 images)

Today we were absolutely honoured to be inspired by not one, not two, but three Deaflympians. They shared their stories of their journey to the Deaflympics and brought with them some memorabilia to show the children. Everyone then had a lesson in sprint starts and swimming styles. Many thanks to Mrs Craig and Ms Gray for organising the event.

Created: 14 Jun 16 15:22 | Last modified: 14 Jun 16 16:34

Very Hungry Caterpillars (11 images)

Shaun the Sheep Class is looking at life cycles this term and we have a pot of very hungry caterpillars. The children were excited today to see how much the caterpillars had grown over the weekend.

Created: 13 Jun 16 14:30 | Last modified: 13 Jun 16 14:32

Queen's 90th birthday celebrations (24 images)

Today we celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday with a street party at primary.

Created: 9 Jun 16 15:31 | Last modified: 9 Jun 16 15:34

St. George's Outreach String Quartet (18 images)

On Wednesday, Elmfield Primary welcomed the St. George's Outreach String Quartet, as well as children from Oasis New Oak and Henbury Court Primary.

Created: 9 Jun 16 15:29 | Last modified: 9 Jun 16 15:31

Heritage Art Week (19 images)

This afternoon, Elmfield Primary learned about the Olympic values, and worked in their house groups to create the Olympic rings.

Created: 6 Jun 16 15:25 | Last modified: 6 Jun 16 15:27

Chocolate fountains with Hippo Group! (10 images)

To celebrate the last day of term, Hippo Group enjoyed a chocolate fountain and making a fruit salad!

Created: 27 May 16 15:25 | Last modified: 27 May 16 15:27

Gromit Class being Good Samaritans (12 images)

Gromit class today have been looking at the story of the Good Samaritan in RE. We have linked this with our PSHE learning about how it's important to be a good friend and how we can help others. They were very generous with the plasters and very caring to our new friend.

Created: 27 May 16 11:07 | Last modified: 27 May 16 11:39

Badminton House (23 images)

Morph class visited Badminton House to take part in their Countryside Learning Day. We visited the kennels, meet the puppies and learnt how they train the dogs, we looked around the stables and saw a farrier at work. We walked around the woods and their walled gardens, we learnt about how they manage their woodlands. We also watched a falcon display.

Created: 25 May 16 11:12 | Last modified: 25 May 16 11:25

Outdoor Learning (20 images)

Shaun the Sheep class have been making the most of the lovely weather.

Created: 20 May 16 08:10 | Last modified: 20 May 16 08:14

Africa Day (62 images)

Elmfield Primary enjoyed a day learning all about African culture.

Created: 19 May 16 13:44 | Last modified: 19 May 16 13:53

Sensory Play - Foam Fun (16 images)

The Early Years children had a lot of fun with some Soapy Foam this afternoon.

Created: 12 May 16 16:23 | Last modified: 12 May 16 16:24

Benji and the Underwater Creatures (22 images)

The Moving Hands Theatre Company joined us at Elmfield Primary for a second adventure with Benji!

Created: 9 May 16 14:45 | Last modified: 9 May 16 14:46

Visit to UWE Sports Days (7 images)

KS2 and E2 visited UWE to take part in their annual Deaf friendly sports day. The children had great fun enjoying judo, trampolining, archery and climbing. Haroun and Harry from E1 were especially pleased to hit a gold in archery.

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Morph visit Botanic Gardens (14 images)

Morph class enjoyed a trip to Botanic Gardens as part of their topic on plants. The children loved seeing all the different plants, especially the chocolate plant and the fly eating plant.

Created: 19 Apr 16 15:31 | Last modified: 19 Apr 16 15:33

Sponsorship for Gambia (2 images)

* SPONSORSHIP UPDATE * So far, Elmfield Primary have raised 85 pounds in sponsorship for Oumie and Musupha from all their sporting events last term! It's not too late to bring in any remaining sponsor money to help support these two deaf children with their education costs in Gambia. Please contact the office if you would like more information.

Created: 13 Apr 16 20:55 | Last modified: 13 Apr 16 20:57

Spring concert (11 images)

Thank you to Imogen, Matt and the Flamingo Chicks for the dance, drumming and ballet lessons so far this year! The children had a lovely morning performing for family.

Created: 22 Mar 16 15:09 | Last modified: 22 Mar 16 15:09

Easter egg hunt! (16 images)

The children enjoyed a fun afternoon hunting for Easter eggs!

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Wallace class go to the Foodbank! (2 images)

This morning, Emily and Ella of Wallace class dropped off the donations to the North Bristol Foodbank, on behalf of the School Learning Council.

Created: 21 Mar 16 12:06 | Last modified: 21 Mar 16 12:06

Sports Certificates for Gambia 2016 (12 images)

Today, the children received their certificates for completing their sporting and swimming events to raise funds for the 2 deaf children in Gambia that Elmfield are sponsoring. We appreciate the children's hard work and parents / carers for helping to collect sponsors.

Created: 18 Mar 16 15:36 | Last modified: 18 Mar 16 15:37

WOT Baptist Church Easter Experience (13 images)

Created: 18 Mar 16 14:04 | Last modified: 18 Mar 16 14:07

Golf in the sunshine! (9 images)

Gromit and Morph class enjoyed their first PE session in the sunshine today!

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Mrs. Day is off to see the Queen! (4 images)

Today is very special for Mrs. Day ... She is off to visit the Queen in Buckingham Palace! The children enjoyed seeing her off.

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Zoolab (23 images)

Jess, our special guest from Zoolab, surprised Elmfield Primary children with some fantastic animals this afternoon!

Created: 14 Mar 16 15:23 | Last modified: 14 Mar 16 15:24

Easter Assembly (6 images)

We were delighted to welcome Rev. Gill Behenna again today to share with the children the story of Easter.

Created: 8 Mar 16 11:03 | Last modified: 8 Mar 16 11:04

Safer Internet Day (5 images)

Today we have been taking part in Safer Internet Day. We have been learning how to be safe online and how to make the internet a better place.

Created: 7 Mar 16 12:26 | Last modified: 7 Mar 16 12:27

World Book Day (23 images)

We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day at Elmfield Primary!

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Elmfield welcome Tracy Alexander! (16 images)

In the run up to World Book Day, Elmfield Primary welcomed author Tracy Alexander. We spent the morning creating a very special story featuring our very own Elmfield chickens - Inky and Toffee!

Created: 1 Mar 16 15:07 | Last modified: 1 Mar 16 15:09

Hippo group make racing cars! (9 images)

Have a look at the Hippo children successfully creating their very own bloodhound racing cars!

Created: 26 Feb 16 15:26 | Last modified: 26 Feb 16 15:27

NDCS Listening Bus 2016 (3 images)

Today the children from Morph class joined their friends at New Oak to be involved in some workshops on the NDCS Listening Bus. We enjoyed two sessions, one about technology and one about mental well-being.

Created: 23 Feb 16 15:51 | Last modified: 23 Feb 16 15:51

Gromit class make chocolate! (10 images)

This morning in Gromit class, we recapped everything we have learned about our exciting topic work linked to chocolate. We remembered that chocolate comes from cocoa trees and that it is made in a factory. We then headed to the kitchen to make it ourselves using cocoa powder... It was delicious!

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Our Playground Values (28 images)

Today, Elmfield Primary children spent the morning in a whole school assembly. We discussed what it means to be a good friend through role play and outdoor play, how to solve conflicts and created a new set of playground values to be displayed in school.

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Hippo group make muffins! (11 images)

Hippo group enjoyed baking banana and chocolate chip muffins this afternoon.

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Dance (19 images)

Elmfield would like to thank Imogen for another fantastic term of dance lessons. This term our dances have been based on songs from the film Mary Poppins.

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Science Week Day 5 (12 images)

While the primary cats were away the Early Years mice enjoyed some peace and quiet and a bit of investigation of their own.

Created: 6 Feb 16 14:04 | Last modified: 6 Feb 16 14:06

@Bristol (28 images)

E1 had an amazing day exploring science at @Bristol.

Created: 5 Feb 16 15:41 | Last modified: 5 Feb 16 15:46

Science week - Thursday (34 images)

Day 4 of Science Week! Have a look at our photos from variety of scientific investigations across E1.

Created: 4 Feb 16 15:30 | Last modified: 4 Feb 16 15:44

Tea Party (4 images)

We enjoyed a little tea party this morning at Elmfield. The children talked to Mrs Day about school life and their learning.

Created: 4 Feb 16 11:39 | Last modified: 4 Feb 16 11:43

Morph Class Thursday Science Week (14 images)

Created: 4 Feb 16 10:22 | Last modified: 4 Feb 16 10:26

Cathy Cassidy the Author (3 images)

Morph class went to secondary school to attend the 'Meet Cathy Cassidy'

Created: 3 Feb 16 16:43 | Last modified: 3 Feb 16 16:46

Morph Class Wednesday Science Week (5 images)


Created: 3 Feb 16 16:26 | Last modified: 3 Feb 16 16:49

Science Week - Wednesday (16 images)

Day 3 of Science Week and we were investigating structures today. The tallest structure created was 98cm - wow!

Created: 3 Feb 16 16:00 | Last modified: 3 Feb 16 16:02

Day 2 of Science Week (38 images)

Day 2 of Science Week. We have been investigating different materials and their properties.

Created: 2 Feb 16 17:09 | Last modified: 2 Feb 16 17:13

Morph Class Tuesday Science Week (16 images)

Science Week Tuesday

Created: 2 Feb 16 12:20 | Last modified: 2 Feb 16 12:22

Science Week - Monday (21 images)

We launched our Science Week today, with the theme Ready, Steady, Investigate. We will be carrying out a number of Scientific Enquiry experiments.

Created: 1 Feb 16 16:03 | Last modified: 1 Feb 16 16:08

Morph Class Monday Science Week (35 images)

Science Week 2016 Monday

Created: 1 Feb 16 14:58 | Last modified: 1 Feb 16 15:02

All aboard! Gromit class take a train ride (11 images)

Gromit class went on an exciting train ride today as part of their "From a Railway Carriage" learning. A big thank you to all the staff at the Assisted Travel department at GreatWesternRailway. They helped us to fully and safely access both stations. Thanks for the photobomb as well!

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Wallace Class - A Grand Day Out (23 images)

Created: 28 Jan 16 17:03 | Last modified: 28 Jan 16 17:33

Visit by a Veterinary Student (22 images)

This term Shaun class has been learning about different animals and how to care for them. Today we were very lucky to welcome Zach, a veterinary student at Bristol University, to come and explain the role of a vet and how we should look after our pets. He brought his dog Taza in and showed us how to examine a dog and a few tricks Taza knew. The children loved the ?licking her lips? and ?meerkat? tricks best.

Created: 15 Jan 16 16:29 | Last modified: 15 Jan 16 16:30

Christmas Party! (46 images)

To celebrate the last day of term, Elmfield Primary celebrated in the morning with games, and in the afternoon with snacks and a DVD!

Created: 18 Dec 15 13:53 | Last modified: 18 Dec 15 14:09

Mrs White in Albania (3 images)

Mrs White has arrived in Albania with our shoebox. Yesterday, Mrs White travelled to a very poor city in the north of Albania in 5 cars with boots full of shoeboxes and distributed many boxes to the homes of children in a very poor community. Mrs White and her friends were directed to specific homes by the leader of a church who works there. Many thanks to all of you, who helped us through your contributions, to be a part of this.

Created: 17 Dec 15 09:14 | Last modified: 17 Dec 15 09:14

Christmas Lunch (14 images)

Today we joined the children at Badocks Wood for Christmas dinner. We then had a lovely play outside with our new friends.

Created: 16 Dec 15 13:54 | Last modified: 16 Dec 15 13:56

Food Workshop (9 images)

As part of Bristol's European Green Capital project we today held a workshop about food sustainability. We learnt about where different food comes from, what time of the year they grow, what makes a healthy diet and explored some of the sensory qualities of different fruit and veg. We also got to try ginger and fennel. Then farmer Jack left us a pineapple to share.

Created: 15 Dec 15 15:20 | Last modified: 15 Dec 15 15:25

Foodbank (8 images)

The school council representatives visited the North West Bristol Foodbank to deliver some food and personal care items to people who are less fortunate.

Created: 15 Dec 15 13:43 | Last modified: 15 Dec 15 13:44

Christmas Play (49 images)

On Wednesday 8th December, Elmfield Primary children were joined by parents, carers, governors and other special guests for the Christmas play! The children were also surprised to find the special Christmas grotto - set up by the PFSA.

Created: 10 Dec 15 14:00 | Last modified: 10 Dec 15 14:03

Christmas Play (0 images)

On Wednesday 8th December, Elmfield Primary children were joined by parents, carers, governors and other special guests for the Christmas play!

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Noisy Nativity! (16 images)

Today the children of E1 visited the Tobacco Factory to watch the Noisy Nativity!

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Silver Moon (14 images)

This afternoon, Elmfield Primary hosted the Silver Moon performers. We were also joined by Elmfield Secondary, New Oak, Westbury-on-Trym C of E Primary, Parents and Governors.

Created: 3 Dec 15 15:04 | Last modified: 3 Dec 15 15:08

Getting ready for Christmas! (11 images)

Elmfield Primary is feeling Christmassy! Decorations up and play rehearsals underway.

Created: 3 Dec 15 09:26 | Last modified: 3 Dec 15 09:27

Visit from the High Sheriff of Bristol (7 images)

This morning we were delighted to welcome Ros Kennedy, the High Sherrif of Bristol, to Elmfield accompanied by Cameron Kennedy. They visited all the classes and chatted with the children and learnt the sign for green as the children commented that the outfit Ros was wearing matched our school uniform colour. Ros and Cameron also joined the younger children doing signed singing learning a new song for Christmas ? Little Donkey. Then Ros explained her role as High Sheriff to the older children who asked her lots of questions.

Created: 30 Nov 15 14:00 | Last modified: 30 Nov 15 14:01

Unveiling of Stained Glass (8 images)

Today we visited the M Shed to see the unveiling of our stained glass.

Created: 24 Nov 15 15:36 | Last modified: 24 Nov 15 15:37

Hippo group make shadow puppets! (12 images)

Last week, Hippo group at Elmfield Primary learned about Diwali and making puppets. After reading The Snail and the Whale in today's session, we decided to make our own shadow puppet show!

Created: 20 Nov 15 15:12 | Last modified: 20 Nov 15 15:13

Diwali (28 images)

Shaun the Sheep class have been learning about Diwali this week. We learnt about how Hindus celebrate Diwali and made our own Diwali lamps. Today we had a lovely Diwali party and invited Wallace class to join us. We learnt how Hindus decorate their homes and in groups made beautiful rangoli patterns. We would like to say a huge thank-you to Mrs Kaur who brought in Indian food and made sweets with the children. She also decorated their hands with lovely Mehndi patterns.

Created: 13 Nov 15 17:00 | Last modified: 13 Nov 15 17:03

Sanctum (19 images)

This term, Morph and Gromit Class have participated in an interactive project with Sanctum at Temple Church.

Created: 10 Nov 15 15:43 | Last modified: 10 Nov 15 15:46

Bonfire Night (26 images)

Shaun the Sheep Class has been learning about bonfire night this week. We have been learning about how to keep ourselves and animals safe and have created our own firework pictures. We have also pretended to be fireworks making firework noises and made our own Catherine Wheels.

Created: 6 Nov 15 14:37 | Last modified: 6 Nov 15 14:41

SHINE Football (4 images)

Today all primary children started football lessons with the SHINE coaches, this will continue up until Christmas.

Created: 5 Nov 15 11:36 | Last modified: 5 Nov 15 11:37

Gromit Class make bread! (13 images)

As a treat for a fantastic couple of weeks, Gromit class have spent the morning baking their own bread.

Created: 20 Oct 15 13:40 | Last modified: 20 Oct 15 13:47

Gromit class at the synagogue (24 images)

Gromit Class were joined by Eva Fielding-Jackson at the synagogue today. It was great to put our Judaism learning into practice. We all got to see the large Torah scroll that is at least 70 years old and we all tried on prayer shawls & kippahs (skull caps). We even ate some more chollah bread ? a definite favourite of ours!

Created: 13 Oct 15 14:05 | Last modified: 13 Oct 15 14:07

Happy Birthday, Bailey! (4 images)

Today the children of E1 celebrated Bailey's 9th birthday!

Created: 12 Oct 15 14:58 | Last modified: 12 Oct 15 15:00

Gromit learn about Helen Keller (6 images)

Elmfield Primary's Gromit class are learning about Helen Keller, Braille and what it means to be blind and deaf.

Created: 8 Oct 15 15:21 | Last modified: 8 Oct 15 15:22

Bristol North Foodbank (6 images)

Today Morph and Wallace classes visited Bristol North Foodbank and delivered our Harvest offerings.

Created: 7 Oct 15 15:09 | Last modified: 7 Oct 15 15:11

Harvest Celebrations! (47 images)

Harvest was celebrated at E1 today with songs, dancing and prayers! The children brought in food to donate and we were joined by Rev Gill Behenna.

Created: 6 Oct 15 15:23 | Last modified: 6 Oct 15 15:31

Happy Birthday, Hugh! (2 images)

Today the children at E1 celebrated Hugh's 10th birthday!

Created: 6 Oct 15 08:09 | Last modified: 6 Oct 15 08:10

See Hear (1 images)

Elmfield were delighted to be invited to the BBC premiere of the new Dr Who episode at the See Hear festival last weekend. Brilliant to see a Deaf actress playing a role in such a popular programme! It was fascinating to hear Sophie Stone's experiences working as a Deaf actor and a real inspiration for young deaf actors.

Created: 5 Oct 15 15:10 | Last modified: 5 Oct 15 15:11

Sustrans Workshop (7 images)

Today the children enjoyed a workshop from Sustrans about different ways of travelling that are better for our environment.

Created: 1 Oct 15 11:07 | Last modified: 1 Oct 15 11:08

BSL Class for Parents and Carers (8 images)

Elmfield's BSL class for parents had a lovely session this morning learning how to tell the time, the signs for the days of the week and months of the year and how to discuss periods of time. Many thanks to all the mums, dads, grandparents and friends who joined us this morning. We look forward to seeing them again next Wednesday morning and invite anyone else interested to come along.

Created: 30 Sep 15 11:53 | Last modified: 30 Sep 15 20:10

WOT Harvest Assembly (6 images)

Today we joined WOT in celebrating their Harvest assembly.

Created: 29 Sep 15 16:26 | Last modified: 29 Sep 15 16:27

Learning about different Jewish festivals (24 images)

Today Eva Fielding-Jackson came in and taught the children all about different Jewish festivals. The children were able to drink and eat some of the different foods and learn about Jewish traditions.

Created: 24 Sep 15 15:25 | Last modified: 24 Sep 15 15:27

PE on Thursdays with SHINE (15 images)

Can you believe we are already into our fourth week of PE with our fantastic SHINE coaches ? Sam and Olly? All the children's individual striking and fielding skills have improved during this short time and both Sam and Olly are learning some sign language. Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday chaps!

Created: 24 Sep 15 12:33 | Last modified: 24 Sep 15 12:36

Morph class make sundials (10 images)

Morph class have been learning about day and night. They made a sundial and were learning how sundials were used to tell the time before people had watches or clocks.

Created: 17 Sep 15 15:58 | Last modified: 17 Sep 15 15:59

Rosh Hashanah (8 images)

Today the children in Morph class have been learning about the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah. We shared apples dipped in honey.

Created: 17 Sep 15 15:41 | Last modified: 17 Sep 15 15:42

One Tree Per Child (6 images)

Today John Atkinson came in from Bristol City Council and talked to the children about the importance of trees. The children learnt some fun facts about the world's tallest, widest and oldest trees. All the children have been given a form to claim their very own fruit tree.

Created: 16 Sep 15 16:11 | Last modified: 16 Sep 15 16:12

Dance (12 images)

We are delighted that Imogen has returned to Elmfield Primary this year to continue our fantastic dance sessions.

Created: 14 Sep 15 16:51 | Last modified: 14 Sep 15 16:52

Breakfast Club (13 images)

This week the children in Shaun the Sheep class have been taking good care of our chickens Inky and Toffee? as a result eggs were back on the menu for breakfast club today.

Created: 14 Sep 15 16:43 | Last modified: 14 Sep 15 16:47

E2 visit Dismaland (9 images)

E2 visited the sites of Dismaland.

Created: 11 Sep 15 18:36 | Last modified: 11 Sep 15 18:37

Planets (8 images)

Morph class have been learning about the planets, today we made our own model of the Solar System.

Created: 10 Sep 15 15:11 | Last modified: 10 Sep 15 15:12

Core Learning Skills activity (12 images)

Today the children of E1 practiced working in teams to create a Robot and Shaun the Sheep. Using their teamwork and communication skills, they were able to make a great start!

Created: 7 Sep 15 15:25 | Last modified: 7 Sep 15 15:31

New Class Photos (4 images)

What a wonderful first week back at school! Here are our new classes - Morph, Gromit, Wallace and Shaun the Sheep.

Created: 4 Sep 15 16:00 | Last modified: 4 Sep 15 16:02

Last day of school! (35 images)

The children of E1 celebrated their last day of school before the summer holidays! We also said goodbye to our year 6 leavers and wish them all the best at secondary school!

Created: 17 Jul 15 15:02 | Last modified: 17 Jul 15 15:13

Year 6 leavers' gifts (3 images)

As a good luck and farewell gift, year 6 were taken to Waterstones to purchase a book that will mark the end of their journey with Elmfield Primary. Enjoy!

Created: 13 Jul 15 13:27 | Last modified: 13 Jul 15 13:27

Shaun the Sheep! (27 images)

Scorpion class went on a journey around the Mall and Clifton to spot Shaun the Sheep on the 13th July. They also hunted for the Shaun's around the Clifton Triangle, Park St and the City Centre on 15th July!

Created: 13 Jul 15 13:13 | Last modified: 15 Jul 15 13:45

Maths with Ladybird and Butterfly (8 images)

Today Ladybird and Butterfly went to the village cafe to put their maths skills and taste buds to the test. They all chose the flavour they wanted, politely asked the lovely waitress for their ice cream and paid for it themselves with the correct money. We also saw one of the Shaun the Sheep statues. What a delicious maths lesson!

Created: 10 Jul 15 15:43 | Last modified: 10 Jul 15 15:59

Designing our stained glass window (23 images)

Years 5, 6 and 7 had their final session to create individual designs for our stained glass window that will be displayed at the Mshed.

Created: 10 Jul 15 15:22 | Last modified: 10 Jul 15 15:24

Gardening in Scorpion Class (7 images)

The children took home their vegetables this week after a term of planting and watering!

Created: 10 Jul 15 08:36 | Last modified: 10 Jul 15 08:36

New trampoline at E1 (10 images)

E1 have a new trampoline for the children to use during breaks and lunchtimes.

Created: 8 Jul 15 13:31 | Last modified: 8 Jul 15 13:32

Sports Day! (41 images)

The children of E1 thoroughly enjoyed sports day. Thank you to all parents and carers for showing their support today!

Created: 8 Jul 15 13:24 | Last modified: 8 Jul 15 13:28

Falcon and Food Chain Workshop (11 images)

Today KS2 enjoyed learning all about peregrine falcons and food chains. We were able to see three baby peregrine falcons out playing and then on the way back to school we did a little stop to see Shaun the Sheep!

Created: 7 Jul 15 15:26 | Last modified: 7 Jul 15 15:27

Woodhouse Park (28 images)

E1 enjoyed their time in the sun at Woodhouse Park!

Created: 6 Jul 15 11:38 | Last modified: 6 Jul 15 11:52

Grasshoper Cycling Session (25 images)

Grasshoppers had their final cycling morning today. The children have been fantastic. They have managed different bikes, learnt and practiced their braking and negotiated the small park circuit really well. Very well done! Afterwards we stayed and played in the play park for a while, it was such a lovely morning.

Created: 3 Jul 15 16:20 | Last modified: 3 Jul 15 16:24

Glass cutting and painting with years 5,6 and 7! (20 images)

Today the children of Scorpion, along with the year 7s, were taught how to cut glass and are excited to see what their creations look like once they've been through the kiln!They also started painting which will hopefully provide inspiration for their stained glass windows!

Created: 3 Jul 15 15:44 | Last modified: 3 Jul 15 15:46

Sensory Support Activity day (8 images)

Scorpion class enjoyed a great day today at the Sensory Support Service activity day.

Created: 2 Jul 15 15:33 | Last modified: 2 Jul 15 15:34

Scorpion class learn about how the eye works (7 images)

Scorpion class have been learning about light and today they were learning about how the eye works. We made pinhole cameras and looked at different optical illusions.

Created: 30 Jun 15 15:26 | Last modified: 30 Jun 15 15:28

Glass project (11 images)

As part of our stained glass project the children today visited Bristol Blue Glass and the Creative Glass Guild.

Created: 25 Jun 15 16:01 | Last modified: 25 Jun 15 16:03

Teamwork @ HIPPO group (3 images)

Today at HIPPO group we focused on teamwork. After our BSL story, we went outside to put our learning into practice. We had lots of fun building spaghetti/marshmallow towers and making a human chain, moving water from one person to another.

Created: 19 Jun 15 15:39 | Last modified: 19 Jun 15 15:42

Heathlands Sports Day (14 images)

The E2 children and Scorpion class travelled to Heathlands to take part in their annual sports day. Everybody had a great day and the children made us all proud.

Created: 18 Jun 15 08:32 | Last modified: 18 Jun 15 08:34

All Ability Cycling Year 3/4 (13 images)

On Friday all Year 3/4 pupils went 'All Ability Cycling' at St. Paul's Adventure Park. Everyone rode two or three different bikes and enjoyed going out around the park. It was really good fun and they are looking forward to going back next week for another go.

Created: 15 Jun 15 17:10 | Last modified: 15 Jun 15 19:50

Slimbridge (26 images)

The children of E1 had a wonderful day at Slimbridge Wetland Centre.

Created: 15 Jun 15 15:13 | Last modified: 15 Jun 15 15:30

BSL Eisteddfod (12 images)

Today we had our BSL Eisteddfod. All the children were great and made us proud.

Created: 9 Jun 15 15:32 | Last modified: 9 Jun 15 15:33

Taekwondo treat at E1 (6 images)

Izzy (Ladybird class) gave the primary school a taekwondo treat this morning in assembly! She has been training diligently and she even showed us how to put someone in the recovery position. Well done Izzy!

Created: 9 Jun 15 12:24 | Last modified: 9 Jun 15 12:30

Saturday at the Circus! (18 images)

Elmfield School children were given a lovely opportunity to attend the Circus on Saturday 6th June! Tickets were given to the school from the Variety Club and were very much appreciated!

Created: 8 Jun 15 14:22 | Last modified: 8 Jun 15 14:26

BBC Music Day at the Colston Hall (7 images)

Children of Scorpion class and Westbury-on-Trym school spent Friday 5th June at the Colston Hall. They performed a signed song for BBC Radio 3, the 6 o'clock news and a live performance for the One Show!

Created: 8 Jun 15 14:07 | Last modified: 8 Jun 15 14:10

Learning about light (7 images)

Today the children in Scorpion class have been learning about light. The children set up an experiment to see if light does travel in straight lines and then we tried to reflect the light using mirrors.

Created: 2 Jun 15 15:08 | Last modified: 2 Jun 15 15:10

Forest School Week 6 (25 images)

Today at Forest School we made "dampers" with Jenny - our Forest School teacher. The children loved helping to make the fire, finding cooking sticks and cooking their dough. The best bit was eating the cinnamon bread. We learnt lots about safety around fires and had a great time.

Created: 22 May 15 12:33 | Last modified: 22 May 15 12:38

Grasshopper at Bristol Zoo (27 images)

Grasshoppers had a fabulous day at Bristol Zoo. The weather was perfect, as were the boys! Everyone enjoyed seeing the animals, insects and giant bugs, not to mention the ice cream!

Created: 22 May 15 11:40 | Last modified: 22 May 15 11:46

Visit to Lush by Butterfly and Ladybird (29 images)

As a conclusion to our topic work this term, Butterfly and Ladybird class visited Lush to learn about the effects of water and to use our senses. We smelled lots of different products and talked about our likes and dislikes. We saw different bath bombs fizzing and bubbling...and some even had colour surprises inside! Some of the products contained glitter and we left with very sparkly and happy children.

Created: 19 May 15 16:32 | Last modified: 19 May 15 16:35

Tennis (15 images)

E1's weekly tennis session with Sid!

Created: 18 May 15 15:15 | Last modified: 18 May 15 15:17

Money raised for E1's 'Hens' project! (4 images)

Julia and William from the Bristol Brunel Lions came to present Elmfield School with a cheque to support our 'Hens' project. We are all very thankful to the Lions Club for their generous support.

Created: 15 May 15 15:05 | Last modified: 15 May 15 15:18

New chicks! (4 images)

Children and staff have enjoyed the arrival of our newly hatched chicks!

Created: 13 May 15 15:50 | Last modified: 13 May 15 15:51

Scarecrow at E1! (5 images)

Today at E1, Scorpion class made a Scarecrow to protect their strawberry patches.

Created: 13 May 15 15:40 | Last modified: 13 May 15 15:45

Wild garlic bread (17 images)

Wild garlic bread was on the menu today at Elmfield. Butterfly and Ladybird classes went into the woods yesterday and used our Forest School noses to find lots of wild garlic. We collected it and today we made homemade bread. After it cooled we shared it with our friends in Grasshopper and Scorpion. A tasty Tuesday all round!

Created: 12 May 15 15:55 | Last modified: 12 May 15 16:00

Chicks at E1 (13 images)

Today at E1, Hens for Hire brought us some chicks to have a look at! They have also left an incubator for the children to watch some eggs hatch this week.

Created: 11 May 15 15:04 | Last modified: 11 May 15 15:08

Forest School (21 images)

Week 4 of our Forest School sessions found us making wild garlic butter. Some of the children were a bit reluctant to try it but after a taste they all enjoyed it and had several crackers each! We also continued our mini-beast quest, developed our tree climbing skills and one particular girl took up the challenge to see how muddy she could get!

Created: 8 May 15 12:27 | Last modified: 8 May 15 12:30

Scorpion trip to the Create Centre (11 images)

Scorpion class went to the Create Centre today. They were taught about road and fire safety, as well as the recovery position and how to contact the emergency services.

Created: 6 May 15 15:34 | Last modified: 6 May 15 15:39

Forest School Week 3 (21 images)

This week in Forest School we celebrated May Day. We made special forest crowns and continued to explore the woods. We made some very very muddy soup, climbed trees and looked for mini-beasts.

Created: 1 May 15 12:21 | Last modified: 1 May 15 12:23

Happy 16th to our Y11s (2 images)

Ben and Tatum took a short break from their G.C.S.E. revision to celebrate their birthdays.

Created: 27 Apr 15 17:12 | Last modified: 27 Apr 15 17:14

Scorpion class gardening (6 images)

The children have been learning about plant life and today we planted out our sunflowers.

Created: 27 Apr 15 15:40 | Last modified: 27 Apr 15 15:41

Tennis (24 images)

Today at E1 all the children started their tennis sessions with Sid. Sid is a former British champion and world number 2 in Deaf tennis. He will be teaching the children every week until the end of the academic year.

Created: 27 Apr 15 15:33 | Last modified: 27 Apr 15 15:35

BBC TV's See Hear filming (6 images)

Yesterday, a Deaf researcher from BBC TV?s See Hear visited the school and asked the children to read and review a book called "What the Jackdaw Saw" by Julia Donaldson. This book will be published on May 7th and features deaf characters using British Sign Language!

Created: 23 Apr 15 17:07 | Last modified: 23 Apr 15 17:13

BSL Family Sign Class (5 images)

This class happens every Thursday from 2-3 pm at our primary site. It is led by Carolyn. Please ring the office if you would like more information.

Created: 23 Apr 15 15:39 | Last modified: 23 Apr 15 15:40

Chepstow Castle Y7 (5 images)

Our year 7 children enjoying a trip to Chepstow Castle.

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Forest School with Butterfly and Ladybird (18 images)

This term on Friday mornings, Butterfly and Ladybird classes have Forest School. Jenny - our instructor - is helping us to explore all the amazing things that are in the forest in our school. Today, we made forest bracelets and found some of the animals that live there.

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Easter Egg Hunt (26 images)

Our Elmfield Easter treat was a whole school Easter egg hunt. Eggs were scattered all around the school grounds and the children were placed in the house teams - Dyott, Attwood and Alexandra. This hunt was for house points as well as for chocolate! Every team worked together to make sure all their team had made their baskets, found their eggs and they shared the spoils afterwards. The competition was won by Alexandra house with 99 points! Well done to everyone involved - a fantastic end to a very busy week! Have a lovely and restful Easter holiday.

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Shopping at B & Q (7 images)

This morning Butterfly class and Ladybird class visited B & Q to buy some stickers and paint to brighten up their toilet area.

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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day (8 images)

On Wednesday 25th March Primary raised ?54.25 for a Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day. We had a non-uniform day and wore green and had a cake sale. Many thanks to the after school club and to parents who provided cakes for the sale. The money will be donated to a charity called Cerebra which supports children with cerebral palsy.

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Festival of Sport (1 images)

Our Year 7s attended the Festival of Sport today in Coombe Dingle and learnt all sorts of new and exciting sports!

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Science Week (14 images)

Elmfield children have continued to enjoy a range of activities to celebrate Science Week. The youngest children loved creating textured patterns using paints with different materials mixed in. Butterfly class also learnt about recycling material and made recycled paper. All the children enjoyed a trip to Krispy Kreme where we saw the doughnuts being made and the children were able to decorate a doughnut each and then eat it.

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Wild Place (24 images)

On Monday the Primary and Early Years visited Wild Place as part of our science week. We loved looking at the different animals and their habitats, from the smallest worms to the handsome pack of wolves. We were very lucky that a lemur had been born the day before we visited and that the mother came very close to us providing us with a great view.

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Solar Eclipse (12 images)

Today, we used a variety of homemade pinhole cameras to view the solar eclipse in a safe manner. We were very lucky with the weather and were able to see the eclipse clearly. The younger children then continued the theme with a starry story, making star shaped biscuits and creating clay suns.

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Science at E2 (2 images)

As part of their science week KS3 attended a workshop with Fairfield on gases and particles. They got to experience liquid nitrogen, dry ice and liquid oxygen and see their weird properties!

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Red Nose Day 2015 (12 images)

Today we have enjoyed lots of activities to celebrate Red Nose Day. We shared a red spotted omelette in breakfast club and enjoyed lots of different Red Nose Day themed activities. A group of superhero early years children made some great cakes. This afternoon we created our own Red Nose Day song in signed singing to the tune of He's got the Whole World in his Hands.

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Mother's Day (11 images)

Today we celebrated Mother?s Day with a lovely lunch for parents and children. Thank-you to all the mothers, grandmothers and siblings who came to help us celebrate and helped us make it such a lovely and vibrant occasion.

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After School Club - 10th March 2015 (8 images)

Fruit kebabs extravaganza! We're not sure if they will eat their dinner tonight :-p

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World Book Day (10 images)

This week we have been celebrating World Book Day. The children enjoyed dressing up in book related costumes and we had a very lively costume parade led by our head for the day, Pocahontas. We also visited a book shop to swap our one pound vouchers for a special World Book Day book.

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Grasshopper in Heritage Week. (15 images)

Grasshopper Class have had a fabulous week, packed full of activities. They have enjoyed learning about Elmfield School in the past and created their own school for the future. We went on a walk to find Elmfield Road and the Gate House where the coaches used to arrive. Their week is compiled into a book which will be on display.

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Heritage Day 5 (14 images)

We have had a fantastic heritage week with lots of different activities. Today Butterfly and Ladybird class have been working hard finishing off their Victorian Puppet theatres. We have also made cup and ball toys. All our work is on display for parents to see on Thursday.

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Heritage Week Day 4 (8 images)

Today the children in Scorpion class became architects. Following their trip to the architecture centre yesterday, they designed their own school for the future. This afternoon we worked with Pete and Ruth to explore how Elmfield House became a school.

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Heritage Week - Day 3 (13 images)

Following on from our trip to Blaise Hamlet yesterday Butterfly class and Ladybird class made their own houses. In the afternoon our fantastic dance teacher Imogen taught us dances through the ages from ballet, to rock and roll, and finally to Frozen.

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Elmfield House and Blaise Hamlet (17 images)

Today the children had a tour of Elmfield House and Ms Freyer and Mrs Craig talked about their experiences of attending Elmfield school when they were children. John and Mary Hobbs, our former caretaker and cleaner, came in and shared their research history. We also welcomed Philip Ashford who shared stories with the children of his time at Elmfield. The younger children visited Blaise Hamlet and sketched the old cottages they saw.

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NDCS Listening Bus (4 images)

The NDCS listening bus came to use and all the children had an opportunity to visit.

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Heritage Week - Victorian Times (12 images)

This week we have launched the children back in time for our Heritage Week. Today we have been learning about education for deaf children during Victorian times. We had a special visitor from New York who was researching different ways of educating deaf children.

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E-Safety (2 images)

Ladybird, Grasshopper and Scorpion classes have today been learning about E-Safety. Ladybird watched a story about a penguin and how to stay safe online, Grasshopper talked about the SMART rules and Scorpion class made a video.

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Butterfly Cafe (15 images)

Butterfly class have created their own cafe this term. Thanks to our chickens, on occasion, we have served up egg and toast for an afternoon snack.

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Scorpion and Grasshopper learn Unihockey (6 images)

Today Grasshopper and Scorpion classes had great fun practising Unihockey.

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Air Resistance (10 images)

This afternoon Scorpion class set up an experiment to learn about air resistance. We wanted to know if the size of a parachute would have an impact on the amount of time it would take for a parachute to descend from a given point. We learnt about how to keep our experiment fair and what we would need to keep the same.

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Dancing with Butterfly and Ladybird (10 images)

Every Wednesday afternoon, all Elmfield children have been working with our dance teacher Imogen on some exciting choreography. Butterfly and Ladybird classes have been learning a dance for the song 'Bear Necessities' and we have some very scary bears indeed!

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After School Club (5 images)

We have organised a board games club for our after school club this term. A range of games were available, although most children ended up playing chess. It was good for Mrs Spencer to give her grey cells a work out playing one of our more experienced chess players.

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Core Learning Activities (15 images)

It was lovely to welcome the children back to Elmfield for the first day of term. This afternoon we all worked on activities related to our core learning skill this term which is all about becoming an effective learner. The younger children made paper helicopters and the older ones made paper planes. We tested our models and tried out different adaptions to improve them.

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Christmas Activities (5 images)

Elmfield have done lots of Christmas activities to celebrate the last day of this term. A curly haired composer in Butterfly class created a simple Christmas song that she taught the rest of the school in signed singing session. Scorpion class enjoyed leading craft activities with the younger children.

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Christmas Lunch and Party 2014 (12 images)

Today we all enjoyed our Christmas lunch and party. It was lovely to see the secondary children to join us for fun and games.

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Theatre Trip (12 images)

Today we all went to the Tobacco factory to see Santa's Little Trolls. A great performance telling the story of a man who wants to create a perfect white Christmas for his daughter.

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Christmas Play 2014 (11 images)

Thank you to all of the parents, families and friends who supported our Christmas play. Thanks to the PSFA for organising the refreshments, raffle and tombola.

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Celebration Assembly 4th December (3 images)

Congratulations to the blue team who won the most house points this week. Star of the Week goes to Hana and this week's dazzling work was from Hope in Butterfly, Emily in Ladybird, Hugh L in Grasshopper and Oscar in Scorpion.

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Chepstow Castle (6 images)

|Scorpion class have been learning about the Norman Invasion and the building of castles. We visited Chepstow Castle to learn all about the life and times following the Battle of Hastings.

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Advent Assembly (7 images)

Today Rev Gill Behenna led our assembly, we reflected on Advent. We lit an Advent calendar and all the children helped to decorate our Christmas tree.

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Hawk and Owl Trust Visit (16 images)

Butterfly class and Ladybird class visited Chris Sperring and his team at the Hawk and Owl Trust in Portishead this morning. We learnt about different types of owls, where they lived and what they ate. We also examined an owl pellet to see what the owl had eaten. The trust will use our donation to set up an owl box with Elmfield School's name on and will let us know how our box is used.

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Ladybird Road Safety (13 images)

Ladybird class learnt how to cross a road properly and safely as part of Road Safety Week. They used 'Stop, Look, Listen, Think', held onto an adult's hand and waited for the green man. We also learnt what the colours on traffic lights mean and we made yummy traffic light biscuits to take home and share what we had learnt.

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PE with Knowle DGE (6 images)

Upper KS2 were joined by staff and pupils from KnowleDGE who led our PE sessions. We will be learning basketball skills with them every week until Christmas.

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Remembrance Day (7 images)

Today we remembered.

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School Photographs (5 images)

Today was photos day! As always the children looked great!

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Fireworks (7 images)

Last week Butterfly class did lots of creative work linked to fireworks. We looked at photos and moved and made sounds linked to what we could see. We also discussed how to stay safe near fires and fireworks. We also made 'bonfire night' collages and created our own rockets - everyone enjoyed using the saw best!

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Music Project (5 images)

Today at primary all the children were involved in our new music project. Butterfly and Ladybird did a drumming workshop and Grasshopper and Scorpion did a Stomp workshop.

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Mr K from Tanzania (9 images)

This afternoon Mr K led an assembly about life as a teacher of the Deaf in Tanzania.

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Scorpion Science at E2 (9 images)

Scorpion class went to E2 to learn all about how fireworks are made. We experimented with lots of different chemicals and ending our session making our very own sparklers.

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End of term Halloween celebrations (7 images)

We ended our term with a Halloween themed assembly. We shared pumpkin soup, pumpkin cup cakes and pumpkin pie. Happy Half Term!

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Ladybird Rainbow Jelly (13 images)

Ladybird class were inspired to make rainbow jelly using a variety of different fresh fruits after reading 'Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly' in our literacy lessons. Also in PSHE this week, we learnt that it is OK to have a little bit of our favourite treats but we must also eat lots vegetables and fruits to stay healthy! We shared our fruity rainbow jelly with Butterfly class.

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Ladybird Super Senses Investigation (14 images)

This term, Ladybirds have been learning about 'Ourselves, Health and Growth' in our science lessons. This week, we investigated the statement: 'If I can't see it, I don't know what it is!' The children were blindfolded and used their other 4 senses - taste, hearing, touch and smell - to guess what the 8 objects were. We recorded our results in our topic books and found that we were actually quite good at using all our senses. Unsurprisingly, we all recognised the taste of chocolate!

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Harvest Assembly 2014 (7 images)

Thank you for all your support for our lovely Harvest assembly this morning. It was great to see so many family and friends. Thanks for all your lovely contributions. We will be delivering them all to the food bank.

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Autumn Art (4 images)

This week in Grasshopper we have been doing some Autumn artwork using pastels.

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The chickens have arrived (4 images)

The children were absolutely delighted when our new chickens arrived in school. We are keeping them safe in our secret garden and the children have an opportunity everyday to go out and say hello and check if any eggs have been laid. The classes will take it in turns to look after the chickens and decide what they want to do with the eggs.

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Celebrating Eid (8 images)

Some of our families are celebrating Eid at the weekend and we shared this news with the other children today in assembly. We also learnt a song about Eid.

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Deaf Identity Celebration (5 images)

As part of our work on Deaf awareness we invited some of the children from WOT and deaf mainstreamed children to join us to celebrate Deaf identity. Mrs Gardiner led the festivities and the children developed their sign and learnt about effective communication with Deaf people.

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Deaf Futures Event (4 images)

Today we were lucky to have five incredibly inspirational Deaf adults come in and talk to Scorpion class about their lives and achievements. David Ellington came in and spoke about his life about as a film maker, Faye Stewart spoke about her life as an artist, Sylvia Simmonds spoke about her work as a Deaf campaigner, Eva Fielding-Jackson spoke about her life and about writing her memoirs and Richard Carter spoke about his work as a poet. It was a truly inspirational event and we are very grateful to all those who gave up their time to visit us.

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FAB Workshop (5 images)

As part of our Healthy Week some of the staff from Bristol University came in to talk to us about food and how to keep healthy. The children were fascinated to learn about the hidden sugars in some of their favourite drinks.

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Western Deaf Sports Council (3 images)

On Wednesday 9th July we were extremely lucky to receive a visit and a cheque from three members of the Western Deaf Sports Council. After working with Deaf children for over fifty years they have decided to hang up their boots and have us some funding to carry on their good work. Our thanks to them for thinking of us, the children are now busy thinking of ways to spend the money.

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Sports Day 2014 (32 images)

The sun was shining, the tracks were painted and the children were ready. With a quick warm-up from Mr. Evans, sports day was underway. We had a fabulous afternoon full of fitness and fun. Thanks to all the family and friends who came along to support.

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Trip to Sewage Works (16 images)

As part of our Science week work Scorpion and Grasshopper classes visited the sewage works at Weston Super Mare.

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Sports Relief 2014 (8 images)

Today the children have taken part in a range of activities to raise funds for Sports Relief, Miss Grey organised activities based on The Cube. We also held The Great Elmfield Bake Off, this involved some of the staff baking cakes and the children being the judges. Congratulations to Miss Saunders on winning.

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World Book Day 2014 (10 images)

Yet again our children and staff did us proud with their great enthusiasm for World Book Day. We started our day sharing our favourite books and then had a whole school assembly where we showed off our outfits. This was followed by a trip to a local book shop, where the children had the opportunity to choose a book.

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Visiting Artist Kim Thomson (13 images)

Today local artist Kim Thomson came to our school to lead an art workshop. The children took a digital image of their favourite spot in the grounds and then used this to create a monoprint. The children were shown how to use photo editing software to superimpose their two pictures. Many thanks to Kim for her great work. You can see some examples of the children's finished art work during our Open Day on 12th March at our Primary site.

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New Minibus (9 images)

We are thrilled to announce that today we received the keys to our sparkling new minibus. This was kindly provided to us from The Variety Club on behalf of The Geoff and Fiona Squire Foundation.

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Sports Day 2013 (18 images)

Big thanks to all of those who came and supported our sports day. The sun shone and the children's smiles dazzled. The PSFA added an extra flair with their scrummy cream teas and raffle.

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BSL Poetry Day (3 images)

Our annual BSL poetry day was a great success. The children did us proud with their imaginative and beautiful poems. Thanks to all involved.

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Camp (20 images)

KS2 had a great time at Fernhill Farm camp. A wet and cold amazing two days!

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Sailing boats (7 images)

As part of our recycling activities for Science Week some of the children made boats. We took our boats to Baddock's Wood and tested their sea worthiness on the local stream.

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Science Week 2013 (10 images)

Our focus this year is science week was recycling. The children learnt about how to recycle, what happened to recycled products and how we can reduce our level of recycling. We used our recycling products to make other things, the children had some fabulous ideas and made a photo frame, jewellery, flower vase, bird feeder and games to name but a few.

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Slimbridge (7 images)

All the primary children visited Slimbridge as part of our Science work. We enjoyed a workshop learning all about beavers, watched the otters being fed and met one or two over-friendly swans!

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Deaf Awareness Week (8 images)

As part of Deaf Awareness Week Butterfly, Ladybird and Scorpion classes visited a local primary school. Mrs Craig and Ms Freyer taught the children some Deaf awareness and them how to sign the alphabet.

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Beethoven Project (4 images)

The children put on another fantastic performance for parents, families and friends this afternoon. Afterwards the younger children had the opportunity to play with the instruments. A massive well done to everyone involved.

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Butterfly and Ladybird visit the garden centre. (3 images)

As part of our work on life processes, Butterfly and Ladybird classes visited Almondsbury Garden Centre. The children saw and smelt lots of beautiful flowers, looked at the wide range of animals and bought pond weed for our tadpoles.

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Easter Activities (9 images)

We wrapped term 4 up with an afternoon of Easter activities. The children made an Easter card, decorated an egg, made chocolate nests and did an Easter egg hunt.

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After School Club (7 images)

In term 4 the children have doing cookery for their after school club. They have made biscuits, decorated cakes, made chocolate lollies and made marble cake. Delicious!!!

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BSL Day 2013 (7 images)

18th March 2013 was the 10 year anniversary of the recognition of BSL. To mark this event both the primary and secondary children came together to enjoy a morning of activities and games organised by Mrs Gardiner.

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Red Nose Day 2013 (6 images)

Friday 15th March saw the children celebrating Red Nose Day in true Elmfield style. The children came in dressed up in red and took part in a range of different activities. The school council did us proud organising and running an afternoon of fun packed games. Special thanks to Oscar's Mum for sending in a big tin of delicious cakes for us to sale.

Created: 19 Mar 13 15:03 | Last modified: 19 Mar 13 15:55

Beethoven Project (3 images)

Grasshopper and Scorpion classes have been joining together with children from the Hearing Impaired Resource Bases at New Oak and Henbury Court Primary Schools to take part in the project which has been led by Laurie Stewart and musicians from the Bristol Ensemble, a Bristol based orchestra. The musicians have been exploring how to make music from a Deaf perspective. They used the fact that Beethoven was a Deaf composer as a starting point to inspire our children to think about sound and explore sound in a variety of forms. On March 11th the children will be going to the Colston Hall in Bristol in the afternoon for a private audience with the world famous musician Evelyn Glennie, who is an inspirational Deaf percussionist.

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See Hear at E2 (5 images)

See Hear came to E2 to share with the children a new comic that has been launched. The comic contains Deaf superheroes and has signed graphics as an integral part of the story. The children were interviewed for their views and opinions on the comic. This programme will be aired on 13th March.

Created: 12 Mar 13 14:42 | Last modified: 12 Mar 13 14:44

Deborah Harvey - Author (3 images)

We are very lucky as a school to have our very own author as a member of our staff team. Deb, who works in the office, has recently published her second book. Scorpion class organised an assembly based on their work on The Highwayman and Deb talked to the children about her book. The children also met the illustrator who helped Deb with her book and Reg Meuross, a folk singer, who helps Deb with her publicity. Deb's book is available on Amazon or from the school office for just ?7.99.

Created: 12 Mar 13 14:13 | Last modified: 12 Mar 13 14:14

Butterfly and Ladybird visit @Bristol (12 images)

Butterfly and Ladybird classes spent the day investigating, exploring, learning and having fun during their visit to @Bristol.

Created: 12 Mar 13 13:52 | Last modified: 12 Mar 13 13:55

World Book Day 2013 (9 images)

On Thursday 7th March we all celebrated World Book Day. The children and staff came in dressed up as their favourite book character, enjoyed a trip to Waterstones, did buddy reading with their friends in different classes and had bedtime stories with hot chocolate.

Created: 12 Mar 13 13:41 | Last modified: 12 Mar 13 13:45

Khan Johns Media Project (4 images)

Today i have taken some pictures and uploaded them on the website for my media project.

Created: 13 Dec 12 11:42 | Last modified: 13 Dec 12 11:52

Police visit (3 images)

Following on from our Road Safety Week activities, our local police officers came back and this time brought their police car. Ladybird and Butterfly classes with HiPPO group were allowed to try on their hats, flash the lights and use the sirens. The children asked about the different buttons and how the police help people.

Created: 7 Dec 12 14:42 | Last modified: 7 Dec 12 14:43

Surprise Visit by Pudsey Bear (10 images)

Students and staff at Secondary received a very unusual visitor last Monday in the form of Pudsey Bear! This was a total surprise for the members of the 2fields Choir who thought they were just having a normal choir meeting when Pudsey arrived! The reason for this unexpected visit was to thank all of the members of the 2fields Choir for their wonderful contribution to Children in Need. The choir gave it their all in their performance in Swindon and Pusey wanted to make sure that their hard work and commitment was rewarded! Cue lots of smiles and photos!

Created: 5 Dec 12 15:19 | Last modified: 5 Dec 12 15:36

Elmfield Students Hard at Work (7 images)

These are photos of some of our excellent students working hard. These photos were taken, edited and uploaded to the website by Liban Ibrahim as part of his BTEC level 1 course in Creative Media Production. A BSL version of this will follow next week.

Created: 29 Nov 12 11:30 | Last modified: 29 Nov 12 11:45

Road Safety (4 images)

As part of our road safety activities, today we received a visit from two PCSOs. They talked with the children about how to be safe when they are out and about and after setting up a road and zebra crossing the children were able to practise their new found skills.

Created: 23 Nov 12 14:25 | Last modified: 23 Nov 12 14:26

Smiling Eyes International (6 images)

We were honoured today to receive a visit from Sarah Williams, founder of Smiling Eyes International. Sarah was born with Marfan Syndrome and this means that she is blind. Sarah set herself the task of completing 150 challenges in order to give 150 pounds to 150 different organisations. She kindly donated to our school and today presented the cheque to our children. We were truly delighted and inspired by Sarah and wish her the best of luck with her future challenges. Thank you, Sarah.

Created: 23 Nov 12 11:35 | Last modified: 23 Nov 12 11:37

Elmfield Choir Live on BBC Children in Need (15 images)

On Friday 16th November the Elmfield and Fairfield sign language choir took part in BBC Children in Need. The choir travelled to Swindon STEAM Museum and took part in a performance of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' with other schools from the area. After several practice runs the choir went live on air at about 8.25pm to over 8 million people! Our children were stood along the front row and signed beautifully.

Created: 19 Nov 12 10:21 | Last modified: 22 Nov 12 14:03

Children in Need Day (8 images)

Today some of the children took part in Children in Need activities. They made finger puppets, decorated biscuits, made badges and created their own Pudsey jigsaw. We had a whole school cake sale and altogether we raised over 50 pounds. Thank you to everyone for your support.

Created: 16 Nov 12 15:11 | Last modified: 16 Nov 12 15:19

Primary Children Remembrance Day (11 images)

The children spent the morning learning about the importance of Remembrance Day. We learnt about why we remember the fallen, why we wear poppies and about the Menin Gate. The children then made crosses, poppies and veterans which they laid in our own war memorial.

Created: 9 Nov 12 12:29 | Last modified: 9 Nov 12 12:39

Primary see Diary of a Wimpy Kid (5 images)

As part of National Film Week all the children at primary went to the cinema at Cribbs Causeway. We went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Dogs Day, all the children thoroughly enjoyed the film and produced some great work afterwards retelling the story. Big thanks to Mr Ford for organising.

Created: 8 Nov 12 12:09 | Last modified: 8 Nov 12 12:14

Grasshopper Class - Learning about Forces (9 images)

Grasshopper have been exploring different 'Forces' and learning about how we use forces everyday. As part of our learning experiences Grasshopper class visited Explore@ Bristol for a day of fun activities. We spent the morning participating in a workshop where we had the opportunity to experience real life air resistance and do lots of 'hands on science'. After lunch we enjoyed some time in @Bristol looking at the exhibits and having fun! A great day was enjoyed by all.

Created: 6 Nov 12 16:03 | Last modified: 6 Nov 12 16:04

Harvest Festival (6 images)

Autumn is the lovely time of year when we think about harvest time and celebrate this festival. Rev. Gill Behenna came to Primary and lead our Harvest thanksgiving Assembly, there was a wonderful display of foods that children, parents, carers and staff had brough to school. We enjoyed singing our harvest songs with parents and family members that joined us, fun was had by all! Following the assembly there were 4 activities to complete and there were some amazing seed collages, still life drawings, salt dough wreaths and cards made. A number of very creative parents showed off their skills too! The day was rounded off with a visit to the East Bristol foodbank where we gave our 27Kg of food to the volunteers and in return all the children were given a bar of chocolate.... those who give get something back was the message of the volunteers! The donations of dog and cat food is going to the Bristol dogs home to be enjoyed by the animals there. Many thanks to all who sent in donations of food.

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Glastonbury and Wells Trip (5 images)

On 21st June a group of our students travelled to Glastonbury to take part in a workshop on Mediaeval Hygiene and Medicine. They also had a guided tour round the Abbey, and an introduction to Mediaeval cookery in the kitchen where they turned the spits and helped make bread. Since the Abbey buildings are in ruins (thanks to Henry VIII), on the way back we called in at Wells Cathedral so that they got a better idea of what the abbey might have looked like with its roof still intact.

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Queen's Jubilee Celebrations! (9 images)

Queen's Jubilee Celebrations!

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Bristol Big Wheel (7 images)

This term we had a trip to The Bristol Wheel in the city centre. Luckily the sun came out for the afternoon between the rain showers to make the ride really pleasant. We went around six times and the children enjoyed it very much. We could even see the school from up there!

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The Globe Theatre Trip (20 images)

Secondary pupils are currently exploring the world of Shakespeare in English which is why we organised a trip to the Globe Theatre. It gave our pupils an amazing opportunity to see the Globe and watch a performance of a full Shakespeare play in British Sign Language. The trip was a huge success and we are hoping to provide more visits like this next year.

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The Olympic Torch comes to Elmfield! (4 images)

The Olympic Torch comes to Elmfield!

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Woodhouse Park Inclusion Trip (23 images)

Woodhouse Park Inclusion Trip

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Sports relief 2012 (9 images)

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'Around the World with Elmfield' School Show (64 images)

14th March 2012

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American visitors! (11 images)

American visitors!

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Term 3 Celebration Assembly (9 images)

Term 3 Celebration Assembly

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PSFA cheque (1 images)

Falcon class present cheque to PSFA

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Christmas lunch 2011 (6 images)

Christmas lunch 2011

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Christmas Presents Galore! (1 images)

Christmas Presents Galore!

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Owl and Duck buy a Christmas Tree! (1 images)

Owl and Duck buy a Christmas Tree!

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Year 5/ 6 HIPpO group (11 images)

Year 5/ 6 HIPpO group

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Road Safety Week 2011 (4 images)

Road Safety Week 2011

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Owl and Falcon visit Caerphilly Castle! (9 images)

Owl and Falcon visit Caerphilly Castle!

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Westonbirt Arboretum (9 images)

Westonbirt Arboretum

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Harvest Cafe! (2 images)

Harvest Cafe!

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Life & Deaf Poetry Workshop (6 images)

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Forest School Day at Primary (21 images)

Forest School Day at Primary

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Ellen MacArthur comes to visit! (7 images)

Ellen MacArthur visits school to talk about her experiences sailing around the world.

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New bikes for Early Years children (6 images)

New bikes for Early Years children

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Elmfield Secondary's new library! (5 images)

Elmfield Secondary's new library!

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Royal Wedding celebrations (20 images)

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Science week at Primary (19 images)

Science week at Primary

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STAGES 2011 (8 images)


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Red Nose Day March 2011 (10 images)

Red Nose Day March 2011

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Book Week - Elmfield Primary (20 images)

Book Week - Elmfield Primary

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World Book Day - Secondary (13 images)

On 3rd March Secondary celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as the pirates from Treasure Island. Everyone enjoyed the treasure hunt and boat building competition!

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Cardiff Castle Trip (6 images)

On Monday 28th February pupils from Secondary visited Cardiff Castle with Primary's Y5 and Y6 pupils.

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Putting up the new sign. (8 images)

Putting up the new sign.

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Sign-up event (7 images)

Signed singing February 2011

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Mosaic Madness! (14 images)

Elmfield Primary children create a new school sign.

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Spectacular! Spectacular! (27 images)

On Wednesday 9th February Elmfield Secondary School children showcased their wonderful sign musical 'Spectacular! Spectacular!

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Ice Skating (8 images)

Secondary went on an ice skating trip just before the end of term.

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Elmfield's Electric January (24 images)

Elmfield would like to share our electronic post-advent calendar with you. Everyday in January we are posting a picture and a message which we hope will help you to learn a little more about our school and our students, and explain why we want our school to stay open.

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (9 images)

Elmfield Primary School's magical production of Narnia.

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Elmfield Primary in the snow (27 images)

Look at these beautiful photographs of our wonderful school and surroundings.

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Christmas Crackers at Elmfield Primary! (8 images)

Christmas Crackers at Elmfield Primary!

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Baby Simulator (7 images)

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Children In Need (16 images)

Primary came over to Secondary for the afternoon to help raise money for Children in Need.

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Elmfield School teaches Gandalf BSL! (6 images)

On 12th November Sir Ian McKellen visited Elmfield Secondary! It's not every day you get to meet a Wizard and teach him Sign Language!

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India Day (18 images)

Elmfield children go to India for the day!

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Elmfield Secondary Pupils become Teachers (9 images)

Primary pupils have new teachers for the morning! - 5 November 2010

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Earthquake at Elmfield! (8 images)

Red Cross visit to Elmfield Primary on 4 November 2010

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Hengrove Park - Ostrich Trip (10 images)

A trip to Hengrove Park for Ostrich class to reward good behaviour, working hard and following the Golden Rules.

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Museum Trip - Ostrich, Primary (8 images)

Ostrich went to the Museum in Bristol to find out about skeletons

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Harvest Celebrations (8 images)

Harvest Celebrations at Primary - 14 October 2010

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Our Deaf Bristol (10 images)

Our Deaf Bristol took place on 9 October

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Primary Leavers Assembly (3 images)

Primary Leavers Assembly - 23 July 2010

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Dean Field Centre (7 images)

Dean Field Centre

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Arnolfini (7 images)

Secondary work experience at the Arnolfini

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Paris (6 images)

Paris - June 2010

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Big Pit (3 images)

Big Pit - February 2010

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Willsbridge Mill (4 images)

Willsbridge Mill - March 2010

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Pirate Walk (3 images)

Pirate Walk - June 2010

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Christmas Play (5 images)

Christmas Play - December 2009

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Christmas Lunch (4 images)

Christmas lunch with children, parents and staff - December 2009

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Horseworld Trip (4 images)

Primary visited Horseworld and met Father Christmas - December 2009

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Woodland Challenge (4 images)

Primary visited Leigh Woods for a woodland challenge - October 2009

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Festival of Nature (3 images)

Trip to the Festival of Nature, Bristol - June 2009

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