Elmfield School

Elmfield School for Deaf Children

Early Years

Early Years

Elmfield’s Early Years department provides a healthy and safe environment where children learn and communicate well and develop a broad range of skills that provide the optimum foundation for good future progress through school and life.


‘The effectiveness of the Early Years and Foundation Stage ensures that pupils receive a good start to school and that children are well prepared to learn at the start of their school career.’ OFSTED

The Staff

The class is taught by a Teacher of the Deaf and a combination of hearing and Deaf teaching assistants.


Teaching across the school is at least good and sometimes is outstanding. Pupils make better than expected progress…. Lessons are exciting and very effective use is made of resources to excite and engage pupils’ OFSTED Jan 2013

The Curriculum


Elmfield Early Years provides a balanced and broad curriculum which covers the seven areas of Learning and Development as specified in Early Years Foundation Stage. We provide opportunities for children to learn through play, with opportunities to learn through exploration, experimentation, observation and discovery with a balance of adult led and child initiated activity, encouraging a free flow of play both indoors and outdoors.  We value the achievement of all children, fostering their confidence, self-esteem and developing a strong sense of identity while respecting those of others. Elmfield provides a rich, flexible and versatile outdoor and indoor environment that allows for different experiences and different styles of learning.

We monitor our children’s progress in class based Learning Diaries, Individual Learning Plans and Individual Language Targets that we share regularly with parents and carers. These allow us to identify strengths and weaknesses and ensure appropriate interventions are put in place and outside agencies involved. This information is also passed on to our year one teachers to ensure a smooth transition to Key Stage 1.

‘Pupils of all abilities including those with additional special needs, achieve well in all areas of learning.’ OFSTED Jan 2013



In our setting particular importance is given to developing a child’s communication skills and developing English, sign supported speech,  and British Sign Language with respect to each individual child’s needs. We have a flexible bi-modal approach that adapts to an individual’s needs as their linguistic skills develop.

‘Teachers make the best use of different communication aids to foster each individual pupil’s skills.’ OFSTED Jan 2013

Music, signing and listening games are all part of the curriculum and staff work closely with the in-house Speech and Language Therapist and the Cochlear Implant Teams to support children in the development of their spoken language and lip reading skills.

‘Pupils develop lip reading and oracy skills well through effective speech and language therapy programmes’ OFSTED Jan 2013


Our Provision


  • We provide a challenging, happy, safe and nurturing environment where children can develop the skills needed for independent learning and the ability to make choices and decisions.
  • We liaise with parents, carers and any other professional involved with a child to ensure each child has a smooth transition to Elmfield.
  • We develop positive relationships with parents and carers to work together in the education of their children.
  • We value each child as being unique and special.
  • We develop a child’s confidence to take risks in a safe, supported and structured way. We celebrate our achievements and learn from our mistakes.
  • We reflect the multi-cultural nature of our society, drawing on its richness and diversity in our curriculum.
  • We develop an interest and concern for the natural outside world.

‘The effective curriculum provides memorable experiences engaging pupils well in learning’ OFSTED Jan 2013



We welcome all parents, carers, grandparents and other family members to visit us and spend time with us supporting the children’s learning. We provide learning and networking opportunities for parents/carers to explore and develop their strategies for supporting their child’s development and learning at home, for example developing emotional language with their children, learning to use visual materials to develop mathematical awareness, or support with emotional and behavioural difficulties.


We want children to enjoy the experience of being in school and have fun. We provide first hand experiences that have real meaning for the children and which foster the excitement and joy of learning.

If you would like to come and visit our Early Years department you would be very welcome. Please  contact our School Business Manger, Amy Saunders on 0117 9030366 or text 07891 898 188.

‘Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning’    F Rogers