Elmfield School

Early Years and Primary -Uniform 

Elmfield School encourages the wearing of our school uniform from Year 1 to Year 6.  Reception aged children are very welcome to wear our school uniform, but it is not our policy to ask them to do so.


Our school uniform is as follows:


Jumper - dark green

Polo shirt - white

Trousers, shorts or skirt - black or grey

Shoes - black

Jumpers and polo shirts are both available with the Elmfield School logo and can be ordered online through Initially Yours. Please here to go to their order page.




Our PE kit is as follows:                   



T-shirt - green PE t-shirt

Shorts - black

Footwear - black daps


It is essential that children change for PE to ensure comfort, safety and hygiene. 


Please click here to be redirected to the Initially Yours website.