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Elmfield School for Deaf Children

Parents & Carers

At Elmfield School we recognise that the heart of successful learning and emotional wellbeing lies within the partnerships between parents/carers and the school.  We believe it is vital that the school and parents/carers work together to provide the best education and wellbeing for all of our children, we therefore prioritise these relationships and value them at the heart of our school ethos.  

Parental involvement in school


Mum helps out in classWe provide frequent opportunities for parents/ carers to visit school and become involved in school activities. 


We run groups for parents/ carers to explore how we approach the teaching of maths, English and other subject areas and provide resources for parents/ carers to support with their child’s learning at home. 


As well as parents’ evenings and annual review meetings we run frequent events throughout the year to which parents/carers are invited.  Examples of these events are:

Mum helping at Christmas

  • Termly assemblies (6 times a year) for our work on Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL), followed by activities in the classroom
  • End of term celebration assemblies
  • BSL poetry festival
  • BSL courses
  • Special lunch times, e.g. Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Christmas lunch, Easter lunch
  • Sports day, including picnic lunch
  • Informal parent/ carer support groups/ coffee mornings

We also welcome parents/carers into school and value their contribution as volunteers in the classroom and on school educational visits.




Many of our children travel to and from Elmfield School via Local Authority transport services.  This affects our ability to have the informal, daily face to face contact with parents/carers that you would normally expect in a primary school.  We recognise that this kind of communication is very important, so we ensure there is daily contact between parents/carers and the school through the use of a communication book.  This book travels daily between home and school with the child and establishes a channel for ongoing, two-way communication and for letters and newsletters from school.


Parents and carers in Bristol now have online support and information from Bristol City Council on their new website, http://www.findabilitybristol.org.uk/