Elmfield School

Other Visitors

Other visitors....

Professionals involved in placing children, families, friends, academics, Inspectors and those interested in deaf education and the methods we use…welcome too and please find some of the links to our theory and practice. Anyone wishing to support us in any way through fundraising or donation, we are happy to support events and offer packs and posters that demonstrate school life.


We are here simply to serve the needs of a small group of deaf children who need

  • Teachers of the Deaf providing creative, enhanced curriculum in small groups of pupils through English and BSL
  • Deaf adult role models
  • British Sign Language to access the curriculum
  • An enhanced listening environment
  • An enhanced support encouraging independent use of their hearing technology-hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • A Therapeutic environment with Speech and Language Therapy, Language profiling and Language plans
  • Support with more complex sensory needs.

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