Elmfield School

Fairfield Academy

The Secondary Department of Elmfield School is located within Fairfield High School.

Elmfield works in partnership with Fairfield to provide a broad curriculum to Elmfield students and to extend opportunities for inclusion within and beyond the school day.

Elmfield children join Fairfield classes for certain lessons and we provide CSW (Communication Support Worker) support in those lessons to interpret and help with all aspects of learning.

Children are able to access a wide range of Key Stage 4 options because of our partnership, as well as access to vocational college courses.

Fairfield offers a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities including Sports and other clubs which Elmfield children are able to join with the support of a CSW.  Fairfield teachers also offer after school study support in GCSE subjects for Elmfield children who are in their lessons.

Elmfield and Fairfield share some spaces within the building, including the library, dining area, drama and dance studios and Astroturf but have separate classrooms and office space. 

The Elmfield Inclusion Team supports a group of Fairfield students with hearing implants.  These students receive high levels of learning support in lessons. 

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Barker won the South West Regional Learner of the Year award at the 2010 Signature Annual Awards, please see this link for more details.