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Reading and Phonics Buddy Reading

At Elmfield we are passionate about seeing every child develop an interest, enjoyment and a desire for reading. We believe that the development of reading skills plays an important role in children’s bilingual language development.

We recognise story and narrative as the fundamental way that people share meaning and develop a sense of the world. For this reason we place great importance on reading, telling and sharing stories as part of our curriculum and daily routines.

At Elmfield School, children are introduced to a wide range and variety of books and stories in our nursery class and this continues throughout the school. Stories are read daily using both spoken language and BSL and books form the basis of our Literacy Curriculum using a ‘Power of Reading’ approach.

Children develop reading skills in an individual way and at Elmfield School each child is personally supported in their reading journey. We have a structured approach to the teaching of reading which includes visual memory strategies, the teacBuddy Readinghing of phonics to help children decode words, an awareness of comprehension skills and a strong focus on exploring meaning. We use picture books, novels and factual texts to engage and stimulate learning. Phonic skills are introduced systematically using a programme called ‘Letters and Sounds’ and all teaching of reading and phonics is supported by the use of ‘Visual Phonics by Hand’ cues.

You can read more about our ‘Visual Phonics by Hand’ here.

Each class has a time each day where they focus on phonics/reading activities.

These may be:

Spelling Activities, based on the spelling patterns taught that week in class.

Comprehension: reading a text and answering questions on it.

1:1 adult reading time or group guided reading sessions.

Independent Reading: the children read books/comics/newspapers or stories/poems they have written themselves.

Follow-up tasks, linked to a guided reading session.

Buddy reading where an older and younger child share reading books.

Library time, a time to explore fiction and non-fiction books in our school library.

‘Power of Reading’ activities as part of our literacy curriculum.

Children are encouraged to read widely both in and outside school. Home reading is supported by our home reading book scheme and ‘Bug Club’ an online reading resource that your child can access in school and at home.

Signed stories can be accessed on the internet here http://www.signedstories.com/