Elmfield School

Elmfield School for Deaf Children

About Us 

The Secondary department offers a broad, balanced curriculum, individually planned support and intervention and a wide range of enrichment activities for all deaf students.

‘Exposure and Challenge with Empathy and Safety’

Students at Elmfield Secondary have the curriculum built around their educational and communication needs. This means that they are offered the support and nurture of a Special School but are given maximum exposure to the challenge of a mainstream environment.

At Elmfield we meet all the communication needs of deaf students; signing and oral.  We individually tailor the timetables, support and direct teaching to meet each student’s unique language needs. This includes individually planned inclusion opportunities in Fairfield school. Within the Elmfield suite of rooms, students are taught by three qualified Teachers of the Deaf who are specialists in English, Maths and Science. Students are also taught in Fairfield School by Mainstream teachers who have been trained in Deaf Awareness and work closely with Teachers of the Deaf to plan, differentiate and deliver high quality lessons that meet the needs of deaf students.  Lessons are supported by Teaching Assistants and Communication Support Workers (CSWs) who provide excellent individual support.

Particularly good planning in all subjects in the secondary department emphasises the importance that teachers place on challenging pupils to take part actively in lessons.

                         OFSTED, January 2013