Elmfield School


The class teachers are Ms. Kate Fogwill and Ms. Jess Rosser.


Deaf Plus

Our KS3/4 Deaf Plus group– a ‘Semi Formal’ curriculum

With a specifically designed and pupil led approach, pupils who are deaf with additional needs, are in a class of similar age and ability to ensure we can give them an appropriate teaching and learning space. As a result, we are able to:

  • Ensure an appropriate peer group to meet their need as Deaf BSL -using young people
  • Further develop other skillsets to enable them to learn the best possible level of independence in their future
  • Push pupils learning progress to a higher level without overwhelming them
  • Equip them with qualifications
  • Ensure their BSL, English (spoken and signed) reading and writing and maths skills are maximised.
  • Offer an enhanced Personal, Social, Health education and relationships programme to suit their age and development.

Our ‘Special Connected Curriculum’

-Has been developed with a specific focus for learners working at P4-P8, this curriculum is designed to encompass the skills that pupils require both now and in the future.

-Has a content that echoes that of the Early Years Foundation Stage but is not confined by age restriction. As a result, the curriculum can be delivered through the means of play, practical experiences in the community and classroom activities depending on the age, specific and individual needs of the pupils.

- Aims to provide pupils with a rich, full language development in both BSL and in English where possible.

- Offers flexibility and ensures that adaptations and personalised timetables are implemented for each pupil to reach their individual, long term goal.

- Offers core learning which will be driven by the needs of the learners in a particular class. In some classes the core learning will be focussed through themed weeks; other classes may be delivered through timetabled slots during the week if the students are undertaking accredited courses.

The areas of learning

Our Deaf Plus pupils have the opportunity to access environments which facilitate their specific learning needs. This could entail liaison with other schools for pupils of a similar age and level of need, physiotherapy space, Speech and Language Therapy room, Drama Therapy room and also a working kitchen and daily living area.

They will also experience a wide range of out of school areas and places: shops and cafes, a farm, leisure facilities.

Assessments and Qualifications

Unlike the conventional National Curriculum, these levels are not distinguished by age. Instead, they are grouped by the need, ability and achievements. As a result, pupils are able to travel throughout the levels laterally and in parallel to each other. Covering a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding through each level ensures a pupil centered learning approach and an individualised curriculum for each pupil, focusing on their areas of need and development. As a result, the learning needs of all pupils are facilitated and a continual flow throughout the years.